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19 January, 2018

Unboxing the Munchy’s Muzic Chinese New Year Prosperity Box!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Can you smell the air of Chinese festive season yet?

Can't believe that Chinese New Year is just around the corner, which means it is almost time for celebration again. Are you a fan of CNY Cookies? I must secretly admit that the colorful festive cookies can really get me hooked during every house visit.

One of the classics that we surely would not forget is the wafer rolls. This delicious sweet treat has been accompanying me since childhood and being a "luxury snack" back then when I was a kid, it only appears at home during Chinese New Year.

Ah, those fond memories.... Now it's time to relive the childhood moments, so I have gotten myself the latest CNY special gift: Munchy’s Muzic Chinese New Year Prosperity Box!

Munchy’s Muzic Chinese New Year Prosperity Box

If you have no idea on what gift to choose for your friends and relatives, just pamper their stomach with this CNY exclusive prosperity box printed in red and gold. So much of CNY vibes, isn't it? I am sure they'd love it!

What’s inside?
1 tin of MUZIC Choco Wafer Rolls (300g)
 1 tin of MUZIC Choco Orange Wafer Rolls (300g)
 Limited edition stainless steel cutlery set

For the 2 tins of MUZIC wafer rolls, both are equally crunchy and delicious. The one on the left is filled with chocolate flavoured cream, whereas the right one has an orange chocolate cream filling. I personally prefer the classic chocolate flavour since the sweetness is not overcloying at all. 

To be honest, this is the first time I try the orange chocolate flavour. To my delight, it is not bad at all. Thinking about Chinese New Year, it reminds me of mandarin oranges and this flavour comes just right for this festive season. It would definitely be well-loved by both young and old.

Here comes the best part of this prosperity box...
It includes this Munchy's limited edition stainless steel cutlery set.

Its beautiful oriental design features the traditional blue and white colors coating the handles
of the cutlery. They will match well with my other Chinese tableware at home too.

Munchy's wafer rolls may not be an everyday snack, but did you realise that we are all surrounded by Munchy's products in our daily life? 

Munchy’s has been accompanying many families in Malaysia since 1991 and today it is the country's No. 1 homegrown biscuit brand, with a global presence in more than 50 countries. Mention our Munchy's favourites -- Crackers, Lexus, Oat Krunch, Muzic, Captain Munch, Assorted and 7 Days croissant -- I am sure you're familiar with some of these popular names.

If you wanna get a perfect gift for your friends and family, you don't have to think further. Just grab a couple of prosperity boxes so that you can get the best of both worlds -- Delicious snack and beautiful CNY collectibles! 

Available for a limited time only from now till 8 February 2018,
Munchy’s Muzic Chinese New Year Prosperity Box is sold at 11 Street, Shopee and Lazada.

Let's shop here: !!


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