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21 February, 2018

[New Menu] Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory @ Pavilion Elite, KL

Speaking of freshly-cooked Korean fried chickens, I know we are spoilt with choices in Klang Valley but one of my top favourites is Chir Chir, the South Korea's largest chain of restaurants which opened its first Malaysian outlet in Pavilion Elite a couple of months ago. 

Located on Level 1, the foodie heaven of Pavilion Elite, you can easily spot this vibrant Korean-chic establishment along the underground walkway towards Fahrenheit88. 

The quirky interior makes it the perfect place for casual dining with friends and family. I usually love bringing 3-4 friends along so that we can try more dishes. Portion wise, it is very versatile -- you can always order single portion and enjoy it alone, or order double portion for sharing. 

The reason of my revisit to Chir Chir this round is to try out the new menu.
Yes, they have introduced a couple of new items specially catered for our local taste/

Curry Fried Chicken @ RM30.90 (Single Portion)

When it comes to local Malaysian favourites, who doesn't love curry? Specially catered for curry lovers, Chir Chir's latest Curry Fried Chicken is coated with the signature batter, deep-fried till golden-brown crispy perfection. generously showered in the very own addictive curry seasoning, and dried chilli flakes. It is ultra crisp on the outside and so tender inside! 

Can you see the even coating of chilli flakes around the chicken? Surprisingly, it exudes very strong aroma of fragrant curry leaves but does not taste spicy at all! In fact, taste wise, it leans towards the sweeter side. 

If you really love curry flavour, you can always opt for Double Portion (RM56.90). Other flavours of signature Fried Chicken that you can try include Crispy (Original), Garlicky or Spicy flavours. 

Honey Butter Chicken @ RM24.90
(Single Portion can serve 2)

Since I personally prefer something boneless, the best-selling Honey Butter Chicken never fails to tempt me with the sweet honey butter flavour and crispy texture on the outside. For the sides, it is good to find some crisp potato wedges and rice cakes to add multi-dimensional textures to the dish.

If you find it a tad sweet for your liking, always dip into the creamy sauce that nicely balances out the sweetness of the chicken. Craving for more? It is also available in Double Portion (RM52.90).

Rose Cheese Chiqueen @ RM33.90

Apart from the signature fried chickens, Chir Chir's menu features lots of modern, innovative Korean dishes including the new Rose Cheese Chiqueen. Served in a piping hot pan, cheese lovers like us are delighted to see the crispy fried chicken tenders and chunky potato wedges siting on a bed of shredded mozzarella cheese. 

As the mozzarella cheese melts, the waiter will put in some fondue cheese into the creamy concoction 
and mix them together so that we can enjoy the cheesy goodness upon each bite.

Remember to enjoy it while hot, otherwise the cheese may harden as it turns cold.

Spicy Chi-bap @ RM33.90

Wanna try something different? An innovative rendition from the usual Korean Bibimbap rice dish, Chir Chir's Chi-Bap features juicy fried chicken tenders in a spicy marinade of onion salsa and smoky BBQ sauce, served on a bed of aromatic seaweed-flavoured rice. 

Be warned, the boneless chicken tenders are quite fiery hot; definitely not for the faint-hearted. Luckily the seaweed rice helps to balance out the overall spiciness of this dish. Can't get enough of it? The Double Portion (RM60.90) is ideal for big eaters or communal sharing. 

Nest Snow @ RM34.90

For those who don't fancy rice, Chir Chir's best-selling Nest Snow is a great alternative. Taste wise, it is also more subtle and less cheesy as compared to the Rose Cheese Chiqueen. But I personally find that the cream-laden Cajun Chicken tenders can be a tad cloying especially when it is served with a bed of sweet potato mash, and crowned with freshly whipped cream and grated cheese.

Pineapple Smoothie / Grapefruit Yoghurt 
(RM14.90 per glass / RM30.90 per jar)

Another thing we love about Chir Chir is the ever innovative, refreshing beverages which also come in 2 serving sizes: Glass (single portion) / Jar (to share). Whether you like the creamy sweet Pineapple Smoothie (Tropical mix of pineapple puree, coconut and mint leaves with strawberry and banana syrup at the bottom) or the refreshing tang from the Grapefruit Yoghurt (Grapefruit yoghurt, grapefruit and mint leaves), I am sure that both make ideal thirst quenchers and perfect accompaniments to the dishes. 

Not a fan of fruity smoothies? You can always enjoy the Korean "Chimaek" culture here, i.e. indulging into the fried chicken ("chi" in Korean) and cooling it down with icy cold beer ("maekju" in Korean).

1. If you are looking for a Korean fried chicken meal with an interesting local twist, then Chir Chir is the place to go with your friends and family. 
2. Reasons to visit: Sizeable portion, locally-suited flavours, fresh and good quality ingredients 
3. Must try: Curry Fried Chicken, Spicy Chi-bap

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
Lot 1.108.00, Level 1 (walkway towards Fahrenheit88)
Pavilion Elite @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Contact: +603-2110 4867
Instagram: @ChirChirMY
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm daily 

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