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09 March, 2018

Jurassic Research Center, Zombie Outbreak & PlayTime! Video Games Park @ Resorts World Genting

It's all about our fun day out at Sky Avenue indoor entertainment park, again! Following my previous posts, apart from the well-loved Ripley's Believe It Or Not Adventureland and Alive Museum, there are more stuff that are worth checking out for at Level 4 of Sky Avenue:

❤ PlayTime! Video Games Park
❤ Jurassic Research Center
❤ Zombie Outbreak
❤ Alive Museum
❤ Jungle Gym playroom for kids
❤ Healing Touch wellness centre

Jurassic Research Center

Located right next to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Adventureland, the Jurassic Research Center attraction feels as if it is a Jurassic Park movie coming into live! I am sure the children will have the time of their lives as they go on a ride on moving dinosaurs such as the Triceratops and Parasaurolophus.

As soon as we step into this space, we are literally transported to the dinosaur land. Well, we all have a fascination with dinosaurs during childhood, don't we?

At the Jurassic Research Center, we can now realise our childhood dreams and learn more about the massive figures of different species of dinosaurs spread throughout the centre such as the Brachiosaurus, the Triceratops or even the sabre-toothed tiger.

What elevates our experience in this Jurassic Research Center is the interactivity of the centre, be it visual or sound. We wow in fascination when a Tyrannosaurus Rex magnificently roars as we walk by and witness a strange looking Gigantoraptor rear its head at us which really brings the place to life. I believe it would be a great experience for both adults and children to get up and close with dinosaurs like never before.

After the adventure with 'live' dinosaurs, we then visit something cool -- a fossil laboratory to study the different specimen models of dinosaur fossils with detailed inscriptions. The exciting highlight is a 4D experience of witnessing velociraptors wrecking havoc in a discovery lab.

Overall, the Jurassic Research Center is a fun yet educational spot that offers a one-of-a-kind experience with dinosaurs in an interactive manner like no other.

Zombie Outbreak

Here comes the most thrilling and terrifying attraction of all: Zombie Outbreak. Be warned, this is definitely not for the faint hearted! The "crime scene" outside the zombie house looks so eerie that it gives us a cold shiver even before we go in and run for our lives.

Sorry the lighting is really bad inside, and I am busy avoiding the zombies the whole time, hence there are no photos throughout the Zombie Outbreak. But trust me, the experience feels so real as if we are one of the last survivors of a nightmare Zombie Apocalypse.

In this abandoned house, the course is spread out like a maze with a new terror awaiting at every turn. Be sure to stay in a line and keep yourselves away from the zombies that have a ravenous desire for human flesh everywhere.

Don't say I didn't remind you that there is no turning back here :P

PlayTime! Video Games Park

So after a fun, sweaty thrill at the Zombie Outbreak, we can finally cool ourselves down and enjoy some chilling time at the new arcade centre, PlayTime! Video Games Park which is located right next to Ripley's Believe or Not Adventureland.

All you need is to buy an EZiCash card from the counter and top up with credits to play any of the games there. While the arcade games suit mostly the teenagers and toddlers, we manage to relive our childhood moments and spend one good hour there with some of the best range of cutting edge games such as:

❤ Spacetime Squad Virtual Reality game that attacks us with a horde of flying evil robot destroyers;
❤ Highly competitive PacMan Battle Royale with a cannibalistic element of ‘eating’ opponents;
❤ Jurassic Park where players can try to battle their way through 9 exciting missions and meet over 30 species of dinosaurs along the way;
❤ Star Wars Battle Pod where players battle their way through the original iconic trilogy; and
❤ Storm Racer G for those who love speed.

If you are feeling lucky, you can play the happy arcade game at RM10 per try
to win headphones, smart phones and even a Macbook pro.

The operating hours are from 10am to 10pm. Tickets for the attractions may be purchased separately or in a combo of 2 or 3 attractions. Prices vary for standard tickets for adults and children and for Genting Rewards members.

For more information, call +603 6101 1118 or visit

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