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12 April, 2018

[TRAVEL] UMGAWA Zipline Adventure in Langkawi Island

Woohoo, I am flying!

AAre you an adrenaline junkie? If you want to experience something fresh and different in Langkawi Island, here’s something recommended for you: the thrilling Langkawi Zipline Adventure by Umgawa Legendary Adventures!

Be warned… This is definitely not for the faint hearted…

Flying fox is not something new to me, but it is my first time experiencing such large-scaled flying fox which is better known as “zipline”. Umgawa Zipline is, by far, the only zipline in Langkawi that allows us to fly through the treetops of the Earth’s oldest rainforest in Malaysia’s only UNESCO Geopark in Langkawi.

How to get there:
By car / taxi (Ample parking is available) –
approximately 30 minutes drive from anywhere on the island.

Packages: Big Waterfall Adventure @ RM499 / Jungle Flight @ RM199

There are two types of adventures you can choose from. Despite of being first timers, we go all out and opt for the full-fledged Big Waterfall Adventure which is a 2.5-hour adventure consisting of 12 ziplines, 3 sky bridges and one thrilling avail descent.

Upon arrival, we grab our seats while the Umgawa trainer gives his briefing.
Not sure why am I so happy in this photograph but I think I am pretty excited for the zipline!

Some documents we need to sign before embarking on our adventure…

Then it is time to put on our gears. All equipment and safety gears here are provided by the world’s foremost provider of technical gear, Petzl. They even have appropriately sized equipment for kids too, so don’t worry, feel free to bring your kids and experience “flying” and learning about the rainforest.

What to wear:
Ideally, put on your covered shoes, sunblock and insect repellent for this activity.
Shorts and comfortable shirts are fine.

Best time to visit:
Umgawa Legendary Adventures is open all year round, 365 days a year, from sunrise till sunset everyday. You can enjoy the tropical climate (approximately 25°C ++) all year round. 

Try to avoid rainy season (September – November) as it rains a few hours a day during this period, unless you don’t mind being soaked.

Here's the map of the adventure.

Can I fly?
In Umgawa, most people can fly! It is recommended for kids as young as 5 years old, up to senior citizens of any ages so long as you can climb the staircase to get up to the ziplines. The maximum weight allowed is 265lbs / 120kg.

What are provided?
Full set equipment + 2–4 pieces of complimentary pictures.
*You can hire Umgawa in-house photographer to join you for the adventure and take pictures.

Group photo before we begin our adventure!

Safety always comes first, so we are divided into groups of 8 pax each, and every group is escorted by 2 Safety Sky Rangers / Guides at all times.

*Children can be accompanied by additional ranger.

Meet our sky ranger of the day, Kim!

Umgawa sky rangers / guides are professionally trained and highly qualified. They must undergo an 8-week training program and pass several exams before being certified in several aspects including First Aid and CPR. During the monthly nature discovery nights, they are also being continuously educated by the most well-known naturalist and environment experts available.

The adventure begins with a short hike before reaching the first zipline.

Safety gears are up and hence we are ready to fly!

As a “warm-up” session, the first few ziplines are pretty slow and steady although each gives different experiences in terms of speed, steepness and height. Ideal to build confidence at this stage.

Moving on, from one zipline to another, it is becoming more challenging
as the length of ziplines increases up to 200 metres!

My favourite zipline is the second longest one, which goes up to 180 metres soaring over the Seven Wells waterfall, with a mountainous backdrop of Matchinchang Geopark and views of the Andaman Sea around Langkawi.

One of the tallest sky bridges along the adventure.

In between the zipline stations, there are 3 sky bridges which we have to go through while our mates are busy adding momentum to the bridge at both ends. Imagine standing on a shaking bridge hanging in the middle of the jungle! How fun is that.

With the world class safety standards, we are not worried at all.
Just enjoy the flight while the well-trained rangers take care of the rest! 

Sometimes due to weather condition / body weight, people may get stuck along the zipline. Well, I experience that but there is nothing to panic about! The ranger will always provide assistance and ensure my safety.

Did I forget to mention that there is a Honeymoon Zipline where you can fly together with your other half on this double zipline? Sorry I don't have any picture for this :( 

Lastly, our adventure ends with a controlled free fall through the fabulous rainforest. Perfect landing for me!

Anything else?

Since Umgawa zipline is located just a short distance (10 minute walk) away from the popular Langkawi SkyBridge and SkyCab, at the entrance to Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells waterfall), it is very convenient to just hop over after the zipline adventure.

Not forgetting to mention experiencing the Seven Wells local village and bird-watching here too.
No doubt it garners a lot of excellent rating on TripAdvisor.


The overall experience is wonderful as we get to soar through the treetops while immersing ourselves into the beauty of nature. It is also a great challenge for those who want to overcome acrophobia. Highly recommended for both young and old.

Umgawa Legendary Adventures
7 Wells Waterfall - Jalan Telaga Tujuh,
07100 Langkawi,
Contact: +604 950 2828 / +6013 343 8900
TripAdvisor: Click HERE

Business Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm daily
*No holiday closures
*Last tour time depends on the availability of daylight, hence it varies by the time of the year.

Price: Same for children and adults.

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