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12 May, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: CEZANNE Cosmetics from Japan

*excited* It has been a while since my last makeup review on Japanese products. Honestly I have not seen many Japanese cosmetics that are so affordably priced like the set I have here from CEZANNE, a high quality yet wallet-friendly cosmetics brand in Japan since 1964.

Currently, CEZANNE is exclusively available at PlayUp Advance in Farhrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur.

Initially I bump into this brand at PlayUp Advance and I am surprised to see on the shelves that CEZANNE’s range of cosmetics is actually pretty wide. Packaging wide, they come in simple cases and straight-forward yet sweet-looking packaging that caught my attention.

Let’s see what I have gotten from CEZANNE!

CEZANNE Ultra Cover UV Foundation II (11g) @ RM41.90
❤ SPF35 PA++ / UV absorber-free / Fragrance-free
❤ Can be used wet or dry

Available in 4 shades:
#1 Cream Beige
#2 Light Ochre (I’m using this)
#3 Ochre
#4 Dark Ochre

For the base, CEZANNE’s powder foundation is pretty interesting as it can be used both dry and wet. Whichever way you prefer, the improved formula allows for a 20% better coverage – full, matte and able to cover most skin imperfections (and block against UV rays too).

Plus, matte coverage is more long-lasting as it blocks unwanted sebum as well. Despite of that, it does not appear to be dry / crackly on the skin as it contains twice the amount of moisturizing ingredients of the previous formula.

How To Use:
Dry use: Apply lightly over skin using the dry puff
Wet use: Wet the puff, squeeze out the water, take up the powder and apply onto skin

Reason To Buy:
Very high coverage and easy-to-apply formula (dry/wet).

UV Foundation EX Premium (10g) @RM56.90
❤ SPF31 PA+++

Available in 2 shades:
#EX2 Light Ochre
#EX3 Ochre

Look at the case design inspired by “Edo Kiriko”, Japanese traditional glass cut art; How beautiful it is!

A premium version of the powder foundation, the UV Foundation EX Premium contains finer and softer powder that melts onto the skin, leaving a smoother coverage that conceals pores and uneven skin tone.

I personally prefer such skin-fit formula in which the powder fits evenly and smoothly onto skin. Another point worth mentioning is the soft whipped puff sponge included in the case which I find it very flexible and easy to reach even the stubborn edges.

How To Use:
Dab a thin layer evenly over the skin to prevent caking.

Reason To Buy:
Clearer, smoother coverage that does not smudge / turn dark after long hours of application.

Mix Color Cheek @ RM46.90
Available in 3 colors:
#1 Pink
#2 Coral
#3 Orange

The next step is the blusher! I usually use 4-grid eyeshadow palette but such a portable 4-grid blush palette is something more attractive to me. Comes in a compact case with brush, the palette includes 3 pearl shiny colors (1 for highlight) and 1 matte color (to control the blusher tone).

Just blend all of them in a circular motion, and the result? A glowy, natural blush that looks smooth on the skin. Don’t belittle the compact packaging, because it can last for 5 months+ if you use it everyday. I love how convenient it is to bring it anywhere for touch-up too.

How To Use:
Sweep the brush from the top left quadrant, in a clockwise motion, to the bottom left quadrant
to blend all 4 shades and apply onto skin.

Reason To Buy:
Quick and easy application to achieve shiny, sheer and natural-looking flush.

Cheek Stick @ RM41.90
❤ Fragrance-free / Alcohol-free / UV absorber-free

Available in 3 colors:
#1 Peach-pink
#2 Coral
#3 Rose

But if you prefer a more long-lasting blusher, I personally think that the creamy stick type would be a better option than the powder ones. Initially I am afraid that it might be too sticky or difficult to blend, but actually no.

The texture of the ‘cheek cream’ is pleasantly lightweight and is able to adhere to the skin very well 
and maintain its rosy finish for long hours.

How To Use:
Apply lightly onto the cheeks and blend instantly, otherwise blending can be a little tricky after it dries.

Reason To Buy:
It gives a fresh, shiny and rosy finish that stays on skin for long hours.

Highlight Stick (Frosted White) / Shading Stick (Matte Brown) 
@ RM41.90 each

Similar to the cheek stick, CEZANNE’s highlighting and contouring products come in creamy smooth stick form too. Both products allow for smooth application around the face contour without feeling dry, all thanks to the hyaluronic acid, collagen and beauty moisturizing oil content.

As much as I appreciate how easy it is to apply and blend, the creamy texture is not as fine as the powder type and therefore it makes my pores (especially on T-zone) look more visible. Nevertheless, it remains intact on the skin for long hours.

How To Use:
Rotate the stick to 2mm tall, apply onto T-zone and under-eye area, either before or after foundation.
Then blend with puff or finger for more natural coverage.

Reason To Buy:
Ease of use and long-lasting highlighting and contouring effects on the skin.

Lasting Lip Color (g) @ RM33.90
Available in 11 colors, ranging from coral to deep red

Shades shown in picture:
#207 Pink and #402 Red

Lastly, here comes the best-selling item of CEZANNE over the past 20 years! Look at the elegant, timeless design; It gives the lipstick an ‘expensive look’ almost immediately. The creamy lipstick is my personal favourite because it glides smoothly onto the lips and yields very matte and intense color.

In terms of long-lastingness, it may be lacking, but its moisturizing finish has made up for this bit. 
Not drying at all, as compared to other matte lipsticks.

How To Use:
Apply from inner to outer lips, along the lip line gently.

Reason To Buy:
Rich color payoff and smooth texture of the lipstick, and elegant design of the case.

Overall Verdict:

After having my first experience with CEZANNE’s full set makeup, I feel that this brand is worth investing in, considering the good quality and affordable price point for low to mid-range market. Must-buy item? Definitely the Lasting Lip Color!

Where to Buy CEZANNE cosmetics:
PlayUp Advance at Ground Floor, Fahrenheit88, Kuala Lumpur

For more information about CEZANNE, please visit:

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