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08 May, 2018

SHUCKED Oyster Festival 2018 @ Southern Rock Seafood, Bangsar

Oyster and seafood lovers, rejoice! The annual SHUCKED Oyster Festival by Southern Rock Seafood is back!

Although I have long heard about this family-friendly Oyster Festival since a couple of years ago, this is my first time joining the fun and I am really excited for the fine selection of the world’s best seafood (especially oysters, of course!), speed shucking, drinks and live entertainment at the fest.

Southern Rock Seafood, Malaysia's fresh seafood distributor to many restaurants since 2008

Every year, Southern Rock Seafood hosts the SHUCKED Oyster Festival to gather us, seafood lovers, for a fun-filled day with the world’s best oysters amidst a friendly, bold and cheeky atmosphere. I do come across plenty of food festivals in UK, but it is my first time hearing a seafood theme in KL! 

So we have gotten our vouchers from their website, getting ready for the feast of fresh oysters! 

Taking the centre stage of the festival is definitely the wide range of the finest oysters from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, priced affordably from RM6 onwards per piece. The staff shucks the oysters right before our eyes and serve them fresh to our table in an icy bowl with lemon wedges.

Little did I know that there are so many types of oysters out there and each of them yields different tastes and flavours on the nose, mouth and palate.

Fresh Oysters from Tragheanna Bay, Ireland

People say, "Eating oysters are like kissing the sea on the lips"… Well, true indeed! Slurping the smaller 'nugget' sized oyster along with the oceanic brine gives a juicy, plump deliciousness on the mouth, with a lingering sweet to savoury finish. Love the umami flavour it gives!

Besides oysters, we get to try some of the popular dishes which are served in the kitchen of Southern Rock Seafood during the normal business days.

Look at the generous helping of prawns and mussels in the large pan of seafood paella!
I feel like digging into the wholesome pan of goodness right away.

Seafood Paella

Cod and Fries

Prawn and Squid Skewers

Legendary Angel Hair Mussels Laksa

If there is one thing that you must try there, it would be the award-winning Mussel Laksa featuring the fusion of premium plump Australian mussels and Malaysian laksa, along with a rich blend of tastes of lemongrass, galangal, coconut and kaffir lime leaves.

Oh did I forget to mention that the seafood tastes extra good with beer and wine?

Inside the restaurant, there are plenty of booze you can pair your seafood with.

As the name "SHUCKED" suggests, the shucking (oyster opening) competition is happening there too.

The fest also helps build world-class expertise in the Malaysian food industry by selecting the Malaysian Shucker for the World Oyster Championships in Galway, Ireland and the Shuck Off China World Cup.

Fizly Bin Norazlan, 2017 Malaysian National SHUCKING champion, who represented Malaysia at the World SHUCK-off in Galway, Ireland is defending his title at the semi-finals of our Malaysian Oyster Shucking Championships. The maestro Irish oyster grower, Edward Gallagher, is on hand to judge the shucking competition too.

In fact, this fest is a warm up for the full-scale SHUCKED Oyster Festival on Sunday, 2 September 2018, which will feature the Malaysian Shucking Finals, a wide range of seafood and other premium foods, several bands, and great fun in a large new venue (the huge empty lot opposite Southern Rock Seafood Kitchen & Retail). Can't wait for that!!

To keep our spirits high, there is a live jazz music performance serenading us while we tuck into a fresh, wholesome oyster feast, and Stanley the Clown keeping the young ones entertained with colorful balloons.

All in all, as a seafood lover, I am pretty satisfied with SHUCKED Oyster Festival this year. Totally don’t mind coming back for the world-class seafood and fuel my body with the healthy omega-3 oils, iron and minerals.

Hope to see you at the full-scale SHUCKED Oyster Festival happening this 2 September 2018, Sunday!

Craving for more oysters?

Head to Southern Rock Seafood HQ in Bangsar or its chain of restaurant, SHUCKED Oyster and Seafood bars at the following locations:
❤ B.I.G (Publika, Ikano Power Centre and DC Mall)
❤ Village Grocer (Arcadia and M-City)
❤ The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley
❤ The Roof, Bandar Utama

Southern Rock Seafood

32, Jalan Kemuja,
59000 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2282 8315
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 10pm

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