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01 May, 2018

The Butterfly Project Turns 5: Unicorn Party Edition!


Can't believe time flies so quickly that now we are already celebrating the 5th birthday of our beauty blogger community group! Wait... it has been 5 years already?! I still remember those good ol' days when I joined the workshops., events, review activities with the girls during my university days. They all felt like just yesterday! 

Over the past 5 years, life has been constantly changing but I am glad that the friendships don't! It is good to see that the community is growing everyday and I literally meet new faces in every event. 

During the party, alot of people asked me the same question: "OMG FISH, where have you been???" I am sorry if you guys haven't seen me for ages. I realise, in every stage of life, priorities change but no doubt blogging remains as my core passion. And I wouldn't forget how The Butterfly Project has been giving me so many opportunities in beauty blogging and also bringing us all together over these years.

Hopefully, in future, I can be more active in this community and spend more time with you babes! 

Okay, enough of the cheesy lines. Now, let's focus on the party! The mighty pixies behind Butterfly Project had picked the Unicorn theme for this year's birthday party. And everything turned out to be so dreamy and magical! 

In every party, having a dessert table is definitely a must! What's more is the array of unicorn-themed cupcakes, jellybeans, cookies and brownies that make up for the perfect setting of the party. So if you are organizing any party like this, be sure to include popular desserts that people love eating so that they wouldn't go into waste.

But taking the centerstage of the dessert table is no other than our super kawaii Unicorn Cake!
It reminds me of my birthday cake two years ago. How pretty it is. it makes me feel like having a unicorn party for myself too.

The party wouldn't be successful without the support from the community and our most celebrated Mamasan, Tammy! Look at how many cameras were focusing on her during her speech giving time :P I was totally in love with the vibes in Wondermilk Cafe where we sat closely together in this cozy space with streams of conversation and laughter filling the air. 

Flowers Bar by Everyday Flowers
Instagram: @everydayflowersmy

The unicorn party also featured some fun-filled activities which kept us occupied throughout the party. Everyday Flowers’ Flower Bar was set up at a lovely corner of the cafe where we got to choose our favourite flowers and the magical hands would turn them into beautiful bouquets. 

Look at the beautiful bouquets! How sweet they were to prepare such thoughtful gift for us to bring home with. I am sure that the Flower Bar will not only enhance the decor in your party, but also seals your guests with a happy smile on the face.

Balloon Activity & Decorations by Brrrloon

Shop: Block Gurney, Unit G-1- 2, Plaza Arkadia,
No.3, Jalan Intisari Perdana,
Desa Park City, 52200 KL
Contact: 018-2777130

Another station we enjoyed our time there was the Malaysia’s first auto-inflate coloring brrrloon.

To be honest, it was my first time seeing such balloon and it seemed pretty fun to play. All we needed to do was to paint the balloon with our favourite colors, then hit the center and shake it so that the balloon would "grow" (Inflate)! How cool is that.

If you are local, you know where to get cool balloons for your party now. Choices include personalized bubble balloon, helium balloons, auto-inflate coloring balloon, balloon-powered toys, balloon sculpture, balloon arches and more.

Photo credit to GNG Studiobooth

Also, thank you GNG Studiobooth for the Boomerang Photobox that helps record our magical moments at the party. I love how it can take cool Boomerang shots on the spot and immediately send a digital copy to us. On the other hand, it is unlimited printing for the still pictures so we just take as many shots as we want :P

Besides photo booth, they are also good at creating amazing wedding backdrops, table decorations and tailor-made decor concepts according to the customers’ preference. Hit them up if you need any of these services. 

Yeayyy, after the party, each of us walked home with an Unicorn Bag full of goodies from the
generous sponsors for skincare, makeup products, haircare, accessories and collectibles. 

belif Malaysia
Best Sellers On-The-Go @ RM89 (
*Available at belif Malaysia stores.


NYX Cosmetics Malaysia
Vivid Brights Eyeliner (Blossom) @ RM30 (
Lip Of the Day Liquid Lip Liner (Cherished) @ RM35 (
*Available at NYX Stores and online retailers.

**LATEST LAUNCH** Koji Dolly-Wink's Eyelashes @ RM58.90
*Available at selected stores e.g. Watsons and Sasa Malaysia.

Wanderlust Things
Unicorn Necklace @ RM14.90 (

Dear Beaute (Japan)
Himawari Hair Care Samples (
*Available at selected stores e.g. Watsons & Sasa Malaysia.
Unicorn Mugs from 50GRAM

This is the most thoughtful gift ever for a unicorn party!
I like how they go great lengths to The mug is just so so so cute, right? 
You can get one from 50GRAM at only RM39.90 :) 

Once again, Happy 5th Birthday to The Butterfly Project.
May you grow bigger and stronger each day x!

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