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04 July, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: PURITO Natural Korean Skincare

What do you actually know about "natural cosmetics"?

Recently I found out from a Korean brand that the current law on cosmetic products allows products with only 1% of natural ingredients to be advertised as "natural" in Korea. Can you imagine how many products out there that have minimal amount of natural ingredients?

Being a typical Malaysian, I don't usually look at the ingredients list but I guess I should start now... because good skincare products are about "how much natural ingredients does it contain" and "how much harmful ingredients does it exclude", instead of "how dramatic the result can show".

PURITO says, "Nature needs to be approached naturally".

Recently, PURITO, a Korean skincare brand has taught me an important lesson about safe and honest skincare products that everyone can use and benefit from over time.

The name "PURITO" is actually a combination of "purify" and "soil", meaning that the brand uses only safe (EWG 1~2 safe grade green level) and purified natural ingredients that come from clean soil

In short, the products are completely free from harmful ingredients and cruelty-free too.

Packaging wise, it uses recyclable paper to show its commitment towards nature-loving philosophy. Simple and straight-forward, all you need to know about the products are all written on it.

So I have been using the products for 2 weeks now, and am happy to share with you what do I think about them...

PURITO Centella Green Level All In One Mild Pad (130ml / 70 pads)

❤ All-in-1 functions: Cleansing + Elimination of dead skin cell + Toning
❤ Contains only EWG Green Level ingredients

After cleansing, there are actually few steps of skincare I apply before toner. First is this mild peeling pad which I use everyday to remove exfoliation, sebum, oil and other makeup residues

Don't belittle this small PURITO pad... It contains 10% rich Centella Asiatica extract (Highly concentrated!) that can help to:
❤ Stimulate collagen production
❤ Calm down inflamed skin
❤ Reduce pigmentation
❤ Activate cells

Other components such as Asiaticoside, Asiatic Acid and Madecassic Acid can improve the skin barrier system (Centella System) as well as control oil-water balance. 

I love the creativity of having pictorial guide at the inside of the box.
You just have to unfold the box to see it.

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, softly swipe over the face except for eye and lip area.
2. Swipe the opposite side of the pad over the face to clear up the skin.

Important: Always close the lid to protect pads from dryness.

Texture: The thick, high-quality cotton pad does not tear off easily.
Feel: The "bumpy" texture of the pad feels like an exfoliator on the skin. 
What I Like: On the first wipe, it cleanses the skin well. On the second wipe (flip side), it feels moisturising and calming on the skin.

Look how effective it is to remove any unwanted residue on the skin!

Recommended for:
❤ People with constant application of makeup
❤ Troubled skin (such as blemishes, pigmentation, etc) 
❤ Grainy or uneven skin surface 

PURITO Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence (150ml)

❤ 3-in-1 functions: Balance up pH level + Skin tightening + Toning
❤ Contains 94% Fermented Complex + 3% Niacinamide

After clearing the skin from unwanted substances, it's finally time for proper skincare. But before putting on toner, serum, etc, it is important to "prep the skin" with this boosting essence. It improves the condition of stressed skin and allow for better absorption and effectiveness of skincare

Again, the brand story and product instructions are inside the box.

It is the fermentation of Korean medical herbs that makes it effective for natural toning, moisture and elasticity
It also has whitening and anti-wrinkle benefits, approved by KFDA.

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, gently wipe onto skin using a cotton pad with suitable amount of essence. 
2. At the last step of skincare, apply onto skin again and let it absorb.
3. Or replace your regular toner with this essence - Apply small amounts onto the skin and gently tap for better absorption. Repeat it for 3 times. 

Texture: The thin liquid-type essence flows and absorbs quickly into skin.
Feel: Smooth and moisturising on the skin.
What I Like: Very quick to absorb and can be used as toner too.

Recommended for:
❤ Aging skin
❤ Troubled skin (such as blemishes, pigmentation, saggy skin etc)
❤ Grainy / uneven skin surface

PURITO Pure Vitamin C Serum (60ml)

❤ Professional anti-wrinkle serum
❤ Contains 10% Vitamin C + 84% Hyaluronic Acid
❤ 99% Natural Ingredients

After toning, the next step is to apply serum. One of my favourite types of serum is the Vitamin C serum due to its extremely high content of skin-friendly ascorbic acid that help:

❤ Reduce wrinkles, fine lines and age spot
❤ Restore youthful glow
❤ Reduce sun spots
❤ Reduce dark circles, puffiness and pore size
❤ Brighten complexion
❤ Firm and smooth skin
❤ Fade acne scar 

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, pump the product once or twice and spread evenly over skin.
2. Apply more on troubled area such as freckles, blemishes, acnes and scars.

Texture: The translucent serum is so lightweight that I don't feel anything upon application.
Feel: It spreads easily over skin, but leaves the skin sticky after application. Therefore, I prefer washing the remaining residue off after some time.

What I Like: In the past, I have tried alot of Vitamin C serum from other brands and some can be "too strong" and irritates my sensitive skin. And I like how PURITO's version feels more gentle on the skin. Plus, it can be mixed with creams / emulsions for softer texture. 

Recommended for:
❤ Those who want an extra brightening effect
❤ Skin with blemishes, pigmentation
❤ Those looking for affordable, lightweight and effective serum

Recommended Usage:
Of course, you can mix and match PURITO products with your current skincare.

For example, I am using my usual facial cleanser for mild cleansing, then exfoliate the skin with Centella Pad, soothe skin with Fermented Essence and brighten skin with Vitamin C Serum, before putting on my day/night cream for nutrients boosting. Great for a complete exfoliating routine! 

All PURITO products are affordably priced from $10 to $22.

To find out more about PURITO, please visit:
Instagram: @purito_official
eBay store:
Amazon store:

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