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06 August, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Cream – White Ginseng Collagen Pearl

I have not been feeling so good with a skincare product before that really impresses me and I thought it is definitely worth sharing with you guys.

Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream (50g) @ RM257.90

The star of the month is no other than THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream which is part of the brand’s signature Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Creams series.

What so special about this miracle capsule cream is the unique formula of pearl capsules using luxurious pearl harvested from natural cultivation sites and concentrated in capsules that help brighten skin from inside out, for instant and long-term results.

Why Pearl Capsules?
Unlike the usual facial cream, pearl capsules can better preserve the freshness of the active ingredients by preventing oxidation or contamination. With these freshly-activated ingredients, I am excited to be another step closer towards having that Korean flawless complexion!

Well, this cream doesn’t come cheap, but it is punch-packed with lots of luxurious ingredients such as:
❤ White Ginseng
Strengthens immunity and prevents melanin production for fairer, more luminous skin
❤ Marine Collagen
Improves skin firmness and elasticity
❤ Pearls
Strengthens skin’s barrier, replenishes moisture, minimizes uneven skin tone and dullness

How to Use
❤ As Skincare
1. After cleansing and toning, crush 1-3 capsules onto your palm to release the fresh active ingredients. Then mix evenly and massage onto face and neck (use as your serum for a more effective result)
2. Or apply as moisturizing cream for day and night.

❤ Before Makeup
1. Mix 2 capsules with your base makeup for a healthy glow!

❤ Dual functionality: Anti-wrinkle + Whitening
❤ Concentrated radiance-brightening effects for dark, dull skin
❤ Reveal skin’s inner glow and improve the appearance of dark spots
❤ Improve skin’s moisture and vitality

You only need to scoop out 1-3 pearl capsules each time using the spatula provided. 

Then crush the capsules together with the essence.

Drenched in translucent serum, each pearl capsule breaks open to a rich moisturizing cream that absorbs easily into the skin. The crushed pearl may be slightly powdery, so make sure you blend it well with the translucent essence in the jar.

Apply the bits of capsules and essence onto skin.

Crush it further so that it melts and absorbs into the skin.

It finishes off the skin with a smooth, velvety feel. Surprisingly lightweight and luxurious for intensive brightening care.

One word says it all – Miraculous! It works very well in brightening the skin almost instantly and finishing it off with natural radiance. I prefer using it before makeup for that soft glow to the skin. Great for dry skin and matured skin.

Now, meet all the members of Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Creams:

❤ Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream
For instant brightening and tone-up
❤ Yehwadam White Ginseng Collagen Pearl Capsule Cream
For radiance boosting and vitality
❤ Yehwadam Nokyong Collagen Contour Lift Gold Capsule Cream 
For anti-aging, lifting and firming

Beauty Tips
For better result, use different Miracle Capsule Creams alternately for morning and evening.

*Check out my previous review on Yehwadam Snow Lotus Brightening Pearl Capsule Cream: HERE. 

If you need that instantaneous glow with added long-term benefits for the skin,
the pearl capsule cream is definitely to go for.

Yehwadam Miracle Capsule Creams are available at all THE FACE SHOP stores and e-store.

To find out more about THE FACE SHOP please visit:
THE FACE SHOP Online Store: Click HERE

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