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13 August, 2018

10 Foods that Would Help You Stop Snoring

If you're like many other people in the world, then you've tried countless stop snoring aids. Chances are, you've found a little bit of relief but you're looking for more. The good news is that there are some foods you can consume that can help you stop snoring. If this sounds like something you'd be willing to try, then keep reading to see 10 of them!

A big reason for snoring is congestion and phlegm build up. Tea can help loosen all this up and help alleviate snoring. While there are many different types of teas, the best ones are green tea, black tea and chamomile tea. All of these are proven to help people who have a lot of congestion and phlegm.

Olive Oil
The next food that can help ease snoring is olive oil. If you choose a saturated oil over olive oil, you'll end up dealing with acid reflux. This can irritate the lining of your throat, which can cause snoring. You can use olive oil to do pretty much everything, including frying. This type of oil actually has anti-inflammatory properties that will help keep away acid reflux.

Fish has less saturated fats than red meat, which causes inflammation and artery spasms. When deciding which fish to eat, the best one for stopping snoring is bluefish tuna. It's been tested and found that it works extremely well for this purpose. You can try others, but this is the best.

Soy Milk
Not only is soy milk a great alternative to cow's milk, but it can also be a great thing to use to stop snoring. For starters, soy milk doesn't have the same proteins that cow milk has and many of these proteins can make snoring worse. Another big thing is that people with lactose issues can drink soy milk without dealing with any congestion.

Another big reason for snoring is a raw and irritated throat. This often causes swelling, which is part of the issue. Honey is a known anti-inflammatory and you can use it to take down the swelling. You can either eat a few spoonfuls right from the bottle or mix it in with a cup of warm tea.

Simple Sugars
When you eat simple sugars, it helps keep your nasal passages moist and they help keep you hydrated. If you get dehydrated, your passages will get dry and you'll be more prone to breathing out of your mouth, which will then lead to snoring. Try to have 1 or 2 things each day that have simple sugars and see if that helps!

Low Carbs
You could also try a low carb diet. When you're overweight or eat a diet with high carbs, you have a great chance of sleep apnea. One of the biggest symptoms of this is snoring. Sleep apnea usually happens when your insulin balance is thrown off. If you start eating a low carb diet, it will help your insulin be rebalanced and help reduce or eliminate the sleep apnea.

Not only does horseradish help open up the nasal passages, but it also helps dry up mucus. Keep in mind, it's one of those foods that can be kind of hard to stomach, but the benefits outweigh the taste. You can use it as a dip or put it on a sandwich, but you should try to have some every day.

Garlic is fantastic at cutting down inflammation. It does such a great job that some people chew on raw cloves before going to bed. To get the best results, you want to ingest fresh garlic. You can ingest pretty much anyway you want as long as it's fresh.

Just like horseradish, peppermint is great for opening up the nasal passages and decreasing swelling. You can either put gargle some peppermint oil mixed with water or have a warm glass of peppermint tea!

Remember, these are only 10 of the foods that can help stop snoring and there are more out there. Try them and see how it works for you. If you've already tried them and found relief, tell your story in the comments!

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