20 September, 2018

[BEAUTY] Review: Kate Tokyo Liquid vs Gel Eyeliner

During the early days when I first started using eyeliner, I used to choose only crayon type liner because it is super easy to use for beginners. Soon, as I slowly master the art of drawing eyeliner, I am always on the quest of searching for the finest, most long-lasting eyeliner until I've found Kate Tokyo.

God knows how many Kate Tokyo eyeliners I have used since then, and I have never opted away from it despite of many other beauty brands out there.

But here comes the next question: Which eyeliner should you choose - gel pencil or liquid type? To be honest, it is entirely up to your personal preference. I always love liquid liner because it is easy to control the thickness of eye line I want, but it may not be the same case for some people.

Good thing is, Kate Tokyo's recently launched Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil (Gel) and Kate Super Sharp Liner EX (Liquid) eyeliners have given us the flexibility to choose.

Let's find out which suits you better....

Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil
Available in 4 shades:
#BK-1 High Black
#BR-1 Brown
#BR-2 Bitter Brown
#BU-1 Bitter Blue

When I go travelling or have a long day out, my to-go eyeliner is this gel pencil simply because it is resistant against everything - Yes, literally everything - as it is:
 Waterproof / sweat-proof
 Friction-resistant (can last against rubbing)

 Texture / Fineness: 

I love how its super fine 1.5mm tip feels so soft and glides smoothly onto the eyelids without having to use much force upon application.

The very fine and sharp tip allows me to draw a line close to the lash line and between lashes almost effortlessly.

Color intensity: 

I have only tried the ultra-bold Jet Black color and the intensified blackness is exactly what I want for my small eyes. Thanks to the rich coloration of gel texture, it is easy to draw dark and highly dramatic eye lines. Other than bold black, it gives us more color options to play with such as blue and brown. So, have fun!


Although the gel seems 'wet' upon application, it dries up almost instantly and solidifies to a long-lasting, fade-resistant eye line. It stays beautifully intact and is definitely nothing short of a cosmetic miracle.

It does not smudge when in touch with water and sweat. Once it sets / dries on the eyelids, it is rub resistant too.

Kate Super Sharp Liner EX
Available in 3 shades:
#BK-1 Intense Black
#BR-1 Dark Brown
#BR-2 Bitter Brown

If you are obsessed with the ultra-slim eyeliner tip but prefer something less stubborn, this is for you. Kate Super Sharp Liner EX is smudge proof (i.e. safe against rubbing and frictions) but it comes off with warm water for easy cleansing purpose.

Texture / Fineness: 

Similarly, this liquid eyeliner also glides effortlessly onto the eyelids with its soft tip. Application is pretty easy, thanks to super-fine Pentel precision brush which is jointly developed with our favourite stationery brand, Pentel Co. Ltd! Surprised? I am kinda.

Not recommended for shaky hands though, because it requires plenty of control.

Color intensity: 

Color pigmentation wise, it is also intensely black. And very buildable for that strong, dramatic effect.


The liquid texture adheres well onto the eyelids and stays put albeit the external factors such as water, sweat, sebum and rubbing. It is smudge-proof but at the same time, easy to remove with warm water. 


One thing worth mentioning here is the nonagonal brush pen with multi-faceted cuts - 
both functional and stylishly designed.

Which one do you prefer? Both yield very intense black eye line with an eye-enlarging effect,
good to go on its own without any eyeshadow! 

I personally prefer the Kate Super Sharp Liner EX because of its finer liquid texture,
that lasts for the whole day and fits well into my everyday natural makeup look.

1. Kate Tokyo made me learnt one important lesson: You don't have to spend a lot on a good, reliable eyeliner. A RM40++ eyeliner from this Japanese brand is good enough to make a change to your usual eye makeup.
2. Both Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil and Kate Super Sharp Liner EX are great for easy, precise and long-lasting eye line.
3. If you need an all-proof eyeliner, Kate Fit Rare Gel Pencil is for you. But if you prefer finer eye lines with easy removal using warm water, then try Kate Super Sharp Liner EX.

For more information about Kate Tokyo, please visit:
Instagram: @KateMalaysia

You can shop for Kate Tokyo products at Hermo official online store:

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