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02 September, 2018

Sunday Farmers' Market @ The Waterfront, Desa ParkCity

It's a bright Sunday morning when we have decided to just chill, grab a coffee and spend the rest of our day at a cafe. But since it is the first Sunday of the month, Desa Park City is having something more interesting for us to explore and get our brunch fix.

So we are here at the park to check out its monthly Farmers' Market happening at The Waterfront. There are plenty of stalls offering some of the best organic and locally grown vegetables, fruits, artisan condiments, breads, juices, and coffee which means it's shopping time!

Let's check them out one by one....

There are over 30 stalls selling fresh greens, fruits, plants, handmade and homemade items, and the best part about it is, you can buy premium quality organic vegetables and herbs directly from the farmers at a very good price. I am sure you wouldn't want to miss such great deals.

Stocking up our fridge with healthy but cheap eats!

But remember not to get overly occupied with shopping for groceries till you miss other plant-related decors and foodstuff stalls there. Personally, I am very fascinated with the ant-themed home decors by Antscape (Instagram: @antscape_my) which are all handmade by the owner. 

I am checking out the types of handmade ant decor available at Antscape stall.

Look! The ants seem very real right? They are handmade using colorful beads, whereas the soil is made from cement and paint. If you prefer something more unique, you can always bring your own glassware to the owner and let him customise a great masterpiece for you! 
Here's more handmade stuff on sale at Farmers' Market.

The airplant decor is gaining much popularity recently too, keen on getting one?

If you have a pet at home, then do pop by and pick something for your furkids. There is a good range of affordable pet supplies such as pet collar, accessories, etc which may interest you. 

The Farmers Market is pet-friendly too, so feel free to bring them over for a walk!

After plenty of shopping and good times chatting with the vendors, it's finally time to feed our growling stomach. Here we are spoilt with several choices of light bites and fresh bakes where you can chill and have your breakfast, brunch or lunch with friends and family.

From pies and scones to staple breads and desserts, I am sure you'd find something that suits your palate here.

Ah, this decadent piece of brownie looks so tempting!

After a couple of pastries and light eats, our stomach is already full. But that doesn't stop us from bagging some homemade glutinous rice balls and healthy nuts home as our snack later of the day.

Oh did I forget to mention that you can also redeem a free plant with a minimum RM50 spend at any stall there? This is only applicable for first 50 customers only, so come earlier and grab a free plant to decorate your home or office :)

Overall, it is a Sunday morning well spent with delicious breakfast treat and shopping for our family's weekly vegetable supplies. If you are a pet owner, I am sure that the pet related accessories would interest you more.

Don't worry if you miss out this round. Be sure to mark your calendar and visit the Farmers Market on the first Sunday of the next month. If you plan to do a bit of grocery shopping then go earlier and enjoy a fruitful Sunday morning there!

Farmers Market
Venue: The Waterfront, Desa ParkCity
Date: Every 1st Sunday of the month
Time: 8.30am onwards till noon

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