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29 December, 2018

6 Essentials for Planning Our Trip to Cape Town

If you’ve never visited Cape Town before, then you’re in for a real treat. This beautiful city is situated on the South African Western Cape and is surrounded by a natural beauty that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

From the expanses of beautiful turquoise ocean that surround it to the lofty heights of the Cape Fold mountain range that stand over it, this city is a cultural hub and food lover’s paradise. With access to many of the delights that the Cape has to offer, such as the stunning wine region of Stellenbosch and the grand beauty of Table Mountain, there’s something for just about anyone in the Mother City.

Here is our guide on how to plan the best Cape Town visit:

1. Be alert and stay safe

As with any trip to a foreign place, you must remember to be safe. No matter where you go, tourists are a popular target for local thieves and pickpockets, and seasoned travelers know to be alert at all times in order to avoid becoming a victim of crime. However unfortunate that it is, this is especially true when you visit Cape Town. While the city is far more safe than other South African cities, such as Johannesburg, there is still a requirement to keep safety in mind due to the opportunistic nature of many of the city’s inhabitants.

The simple truth is that there is a wide divide between the rich and the poor in Cape Town. In the built up areas, you can expect that safety is less of a concern. However, if you head out on your own into areas where there are less people around, your risk will increase. It’s best to leave your valuables behind, especially when going for a walk or hike away from the busy areas, and don’t flash cash or leave anything unattended.

2. Work with the weather

The Mediterranean climate that Cape Town enjoys means that at the right time of year, you will be experiencing hot, sunny weather, which allows for any of the popular activities. However, this doesn’t mean that the weather will be perfect and predictable. Due to the location of the city within the Cape, you can expect a lot of wind, so it’s best to dress appropriately. Similarly, you are more likely to see a few days of rain than not, so be sure to pack for any eventuality.

The simple fact is that the weather can change at any moment, and once you see the mist rolling over the mountains then you know that a change is coming. Rather than plan for one type of weather, it’s best to work with the weather no matter what. In order to plan the perfect trip, you should read this article to plan for the best time of year. This will ensure that your trip is packed with everything you want to do and that the weather doesn’t take you by surprise.

3. Get ready to eat

A visit to the Mother City is not complete without sampling the wide variety of foods that are showcased in the city’s many restaurants. Thanks to the multicultural roots of the city, you’ll find many delicious and unique food dishes across the city which are sure to delight the taste buds of just about anyone. In fact, the city has become known for being a foodie’s paradise thanks to the sheer variety of cuisines to be found.

Whilst in Cape Town, be sure to sample the local delicacies, such as biltong, a dried, salted meat that makes for a very tasty and energizing snack. Or, for a fuller meal, you can sample some Bobotie, a delicious meal reminiscent of moussaka that is prepared with beef or lamb, dried fruit and an egg-based topping. Before you leave Cape Town, head to Bo-Kaap to sample a delicious Cape Malay curry, inspired by the Indonesian settlers of Cape Town.

4. Plan a trip to Table Mountain

While Cape Town may be filled with many wonderful museums, restaurants and shopping areas, the true value of the city lies in the stunning beauty that is found just steps away. With the benefit of having the beautiful, expansive coastline so close by, to the amazing array of natural formations and scenery that are within reach, there’s no need for you to be spending much of your time indoors.

Spending the day visiting the peak of Table Mountain is a must-do for any Cape Town visitor. This unique flat-topped mountain offers many beautiful walking trails, making for stunning views across the city to the ocean. For the more adventurous traveler, the hike to the top of the mountain is a cardio-pumping workout that will give you the chance to get the blood flowing whilst taking in the sights. If you’d rather spend your energy taking in the sights from the peak, a handy cable car will get you there, too.

5. Take an overnight wine trip

A few hours out of town will take you to the heart of one of the most famous wine regions in the world. The Stellenbosch wine region is a beautiful and productive region that is known for the delicious Pinotage wine. Alternatively, you could visit Constantia or Franschhoek, and sample world-class wine away from the busy city. By booking an overnight trip, you’ll have a no-pressure way to experience this beautiful region.

6. Experience the wildlife

The African continent is populated by extensive varieties of animals that you just won’t see anywhere else. While Cape Town is situated quite far from some of the bigger game parks, you can experience the smaller, more local ones by taking part in a safari trek. You will have the opportunity to see rhinos, elephants, giraffes, lions, springboks and other native animals within their natural habitats. For the more adventurous travelers, you could consider taking part in a shark cage diving expedition as the Cape is known for their great white population.

Cape Town offers something to just about any traveler, whether it be adventure, food or culture, and planning your ultimate Cape Town trip is essential. With the many opportunities for shopping, dining and experiencing the outdoors, being able to fit everything into your trip can be challenging. By using this guide, you will be able to plan the perfect South African getaway.

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