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06 December, 2018

VISTA Eye Specialist: My First Eye Health Check Experience

Hello, I am here at VISTA Eye Specialist!

Just like yearly dental check or medical check up, do you know that annual eye check is important to our overall health? More often than not, we wouldn't visit a dentist until we have toothache, Similarly, we don't visit eye specialists until we encounter any issues on the eyes. But actually this is not the right way...

Do you know that some eye diseases do not reveal symptoms in the early stages? By the time we feel something is wrong with the eyes, it may be too late to seek for treatment. So, it is important to detect and treat any eye diseases early so that the risk of permanent and irreversible vision loss can be reduced.

Since I have not done any eye check for quite some time, I have decided to do it at VISTA Eye Specialist at The Curve outlet and also seek for some professional advice from the experienced eye specialist on the LASIK laser eye surgery as I have been considering this for several years.

If you have not heard of VISTA, it is one of the leading eye specialists in Malaysia which has bagged several awards and recognitions in the global arena. Established since 1999, no wonder it has a whopping number of 200,000 satisfied patients to date.

VISTA mainly specialises in:
 No-Blade Cataract Surgery
 Vision ICL
 Reading Vision: Lens Exchange 
 Pterygium Excision with Graft (Glue)

In fact, whether you are seeking for professional eye treatments or general consultations, VISTA has a full range of services for anyone aged 5 and above, such as:
 General Eye Care & Vision Evaluation
 Shortsightedness & Astigmatism Correction: LASIK & ICL
 Cataract: Micro-Incision & No-Blade Procedure
 Cataract: Premium Multifocal & Trifocal Lens Implant
 Reading Vision: Lens Exchange 
 Glaucoma Screening & Management
 Diabetic Eye Disease Management
 Kids Eye Care & Myopia Control Treatment
 Age-Related Macular Degeneration Management 
 Dry Eye Disease Treatment 
 Laser Procedures (YAG, Argon) 

The First Step: Eye Screening

The moment I enter into the outlet, the friendly and attentive staff there attends to me immediately. After letting them know my concerns, I am seated at the waiting area which is fully equipped with comfy sofa and coffee machine for customers. 

One thing to note is that, VISTA does not feel like a "clinic" at all. The outlet is pretty spacious, with plenty of rooms for private consultation sessions with a panel of experienced doctors. They even provide reading materials, complimentary Wi-Fi and movies for customers so it feels just like home! So relaxing and totally at ease. 

There is a professional staff allocated to my case, to guide me through the entire eye check process. For an accurate eye check, I then remove the contact lenses -- don't worry, case and solution are provided. 

Don't forget to bring along your spectacles, just in case if you cannot see without lenses.

There is a designated space for patients to relax and rest their eyes. 
For mine, it is a 15-minute rest with no mobile devices - just shut the eyes and relax.

One thing I like about this about VISTA Eye Specialist, The Curve outlet is that the ambiance is very comfortable and relaxing. This inviting space where I am resting at is designated for customers to rest while waiting for the next procedure. Very cosy and no disturbance at all. 

Eye Examination
First step: To check my current power for short-sightedness.

Being a first timer, honestly I do not know what to expect. But luckily I have an experienced staff to explain to me in detail the step-by-step procedure of the eye check that I am doing. I find this session knowledgeable as I get to learn more about my own eyes. 

Second step: Tonometry
It determines the fluid pressure inside the eye, an important test to evaluate the risk of glaucoma. 

Third step: To determine the thickness of cornea

According to her, one of the key determinants for the suitability of LASIK procedure. If the cornea is too thin, LASIK may not be recommended.

Look at the instantaneous pachymetry result -- so clear and detailed! 

Doctor's Consultation Session

My heart skips a beat when it comes to the doctor's consultation room for a detailed analysis of the findings from the eye check earlier. Nervous yet excited, I then meet Dr. Aloysius Joseph Low, the Chief Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon in VISTA.

Just a little background of Dr. Aloysius -- Attained his post-graduation in Ireland and being a certified LASIK Trainer himself, I was happy that I was able to consult with Dr. Aloysius on the LASIK procedure. It is an honor to meet him in person and have him examined my eyes! 

To ensure a positive experience with LASIK, you will need to have relatively healthy eyes. If your cornea is not in good condition, the doctor may not recommend LASIK for you. VISTA does not compromise on safety. You may need to undergo treatment to solve existing issues before you are ready for LASIK. 

I was glad that Dr. Aloysius assured me that my cornea is thick enough and therefore suitable for this procedure.  

Like many of you, I have shivers at the thought of a blade cutting my eyeballs. Isn't that creepy? But no worries, after listening to Dr. Aloysius' detailed explanation, I learn that VISTA uses blade-free laser technology which is safer, more accurate, with faster recovery and not intimidating at all.

I like how detailed Dr Aloysius' explanation is. Let me share some basic facts about iLASIK procedure which may be helpful if you are seeking for vision correction procedure:

❤ Corrects short/long sightedness and astigmatism
❤ Uses Femtosecond laser to create a corneal flap - no blade required!
❤ 25x precision
❤ 100% customised for each eye 
❤ Lifetime retreatment 
❤ Zero downtime - you can see clearly within 6 hours after LASIK! 
❤ Painless (except for minor discomfort for about a minute) 

And most importantly, the Lasik procedure boasts a record of zero case of blindness out of over 10 million cases performed worldwide.  

LASIK Suitability Evaluation
*Advisable to make appointment at least 2 days in advance.

So basically, the eye check I have completed focuses mainly on my short-sightedness, eye pressure and cornea thickness. However, for a full annual eye check, you will need to do the Comprehensive Eye Examination. If you are interested, you can call them up to make an appointment for the LASIK Suitability Test (charges apply).

By now, you may have some questions in mind regarding LASIK. Hope the below FAQ helps!

FAQ on Pre-LASIK Eye Examination:

How long does it take?
 3 hours for the eye examination and consultation.

What do I need to prepare?
 Don't wear your contact lens before the eye check
(1 week for soft lens and 2 weeks for hard lens).
 Get someone to drive you here / take public transport
(Not advisable to drive after eye check since your pupils are dilated).

When will the surgery be done?
  As soon as your eyes have passed the test and when you're mentally ready.

Thank you Dr. Aloysius for the precious time and informative sharing.

After consulting him and touring around the clinic with the assistance of friendly staff here, I am more confident now with the LASIK procedure, and of course under the good hands of Dr. Aloysius, I know I can eliminate all my worries regarding the procedure.

People often say, our eyes are our window to the world, so always take good care of the eyes and color your life with new vision!   

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