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02 January, 2019

6 Must-Pack Travel Essentials for Winter Seasons

Packing is the very first step of an exciting journey. It also incites the rest of your trip, so you want to pick out what goes in there very carefully. You do not want to throw in all your closet; on the contrary, you need to be very precise about what you take. Count the days and the number of clothing pieces you want to take, you do not exceed that.

If you are packing for winter in particular, this can become really confusing because you do not know how many layers you will want to wear not to freeze. Packing for the winter season is not easy. You can actually consider it a form of art! You still want to look good in all the photos you will be taking after all.

For a very general vacation, here are 6 must-pack travel essentials for winter season.

1. Ice caps – keeping your head warm
When you are visiting a place for the first time – or even the second – you do not want to miss out on any activities. You want to visit everywhere on the same time! Your schedule will surely be very tight. Amid going from one place to another, one museum after one open air concert, you need to make sure that the difference in temperature does not bother you. 

Wearing an ice cap throughout your day will definitely do the trick. If you are in a closed building or out in the cool breeze, you will sure be warm the whole day with a good hat that covers your ears.

2. Comfy shoes – avoiding frost bites
You probably fancied taking with you all your long boots. Well, if they are heeled, you need to reconsider that immediately. Do not let the temptation of taking your photos in long heels trick you. You will definitely regret it. Instead, you can actually wear your sneakers the whole time. 

Just make sure you wear very thick socks and you are good to go. If you have heavy-duty boots that will come in handy for hiking but at the same time are very comfortable, then bring them along as well. When it comes to shoes, the two most important elements are; comfort and warmth. You need something to keep your toes warm and at the same time put up with all the long miles you will be walking.

3. Gloves – keeping your fingers warm
Any pair of gloves that take up space are not necessary. On the contrary, your gloves should be thin, light and can be put anywhere even in your own pockets. However, they still should keep your fingers warm the whole time. 

It is recommended that your mittens are waterproof so they can still be wearable on rainy days. Having weatherproof, low bulk gloves that are easy to carry around will make your trip so much easier.

4. Thermals – layering up
If you are not layering enough and not keeping yourself warm throughout your whole trip, chances are you will not be enjoying it! This is the catalyst of having a good time or regretting you have ever traveled. Bad weather can be your worst nightmare. 

Be sure to take extra precautions when it comes to layering up. Wearing thermals to keep yourself warm is the best thing you will do to your body. However, you still do not want to look like a stuffed teddy bear in your photos. That is why you should do layer up smartly and still get to look wonderful.

5. Extras – glamouring up
Accessories can be the easiest thing to pack, yet the easiest to forget. Although it is winter, you still need your sunglasses. Sunglasses will not only make you look prettier in your photos, but will also come in handy if there were sunshine after all. Also, you do not want to forget packing your scarves with you. Scarves can be very effective in extremely harsh weathers. Other than that, you still need any day to day accessories that you usually wear, from necklaces to rings to earrings so that you can simply feel yourself. A winter emergency car kit might also be a life savior!

6. Sunscreen – protecting yourself
Sunscreen in winters? That is probably one thing everyone always tends to forget about, right? Well, it is one of the essentials that you should never ever forget to pack. You never know what the temperature will be like during the days, so you better be safe than sorry. Besides, how much space will it take up after all?

Traveling in style
It is nice to stay stylish in your travels, but it is also smarter to know how to do that while traveling lightly. Resist the temptations of packing up your favorite items – the ones that you are sure you will not use of course. Stuffing oversized coats, boots and jackets will take up all your space.

You shall enjoy your winter trips more if you have more varieties to wear instead of wearing the same oversized jacket on all day. At the end, you do not want to look like all your photos have been taken on the same day, right?

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