14 January, 2019

Travel Guide for your Family Vacation in Peru

If you are thinking about going on a family vacation, Peru is definitely one destination you should consider. From watching wildlife in the Amazon to exploring the Inca ruins to riding dune baggies, Peru has so many attractions that children and adults will love in equal measure. Traveling with children means that there are some factors that you will need to take into consideration on your trip to Peru. These include high altitudes, hot sun and long distances between various destinations. With good planning, these shouldn’t pose any problem at all.

Here is a travel guide for your family vacation in Peru:
1. Beaches

If you love to go out on the beach, Peru has many good ones. You will also find a good number of sunbathing and swimming spots along the coastline that children will love. If you want some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Lima, the beaches at San Bartolo and Punta Hermosa are perfect options.

2. Hikes and treks

If your family is motivated for a physical challenge, the Huaraz region is an ideal location to visit. You don’t have to overexert yourselves walking for long hours. You can take a shortened hike on the Inca trails or the Colca Canyon. There are many registered guides in all these locations to assist you.

3. The Amazon jungle

Peru has a wide array of jungle experiences that would excite both adults and children. Refugio Amazonas is popular because it is very family-friendly and has a Children’s Rainforest, jungle trails and several other activities that are tailored specifically for kids.

4. Historical sites

The numerous archeological treasures in Peru will delight anyone who has a keen interest in history, including children. The Sacred Valley and the Inca sites situated in Cusco are some of the most famous attractions. Machu Picchu Travel is also popular with many people who go on vacations in Peru.

5.The city of Lima

Your family will love some of the food available in this bustling city. The Malecom Rimac is the place where you will find sweet creamed rice and a purple pudding known as “mazamorra morada”. You can also learn how chocolate is made in a workshop at a spot called ChocoMuseo.

6. Lake Titicaca

Andean folklore has it that the sun was born in Lake Titicaca. This is why the massive water body is so revered. It is the largest lake in the South American region. The Uru people call this place home and it is the only waterway in the world at such a high altitude that is navigable.

7. Horse riding

This is a great way to let your children explore the mountains. Operators in the Sacred Valley and Cusco regions will guide you on how to hire the best horses.

In summary, if you want to enjoy your family vacation in Peru, December and January are not bad times to visit. Although these months may be off-season for many attractions, they are not bad at all in Peru, especially if you are traveling with your family.

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