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15 March, 2019

Review: Beauty & Co Anti-aging Facial Treatment @ The Gardens Mall

It has been the longest time ever that I owe myself a proper facial pampering session, so I am here today at Beauty & Co The Gardens Mall outlet to reward my tired skin with one of the signature facial treatments here. 

Beauty & Co is one of the prestigious beauty centres, providing holistic beauty and wellness services including facial, slimming and massage treatments. With 8 outlets around Klang Valley, I am sure you can easily find the nearest outlets to you for a pampering session from head to toe.

Upon arrival at this posh centre, I am ushered to a private room for a quick consultation on my skin concerns etc, before the beauty consultant advises me on the most suitable facial treatment for my skin type and issue. 

Gold De Youth Facial Treatment

Since my skin is rather dry, fatigued and lack of glow, I opt for the Gold De Youth facial treatment that helps restore healthy cells with luxurious properties, achieving youthful glowing skin. It is actually an anti-aging treatment -- which I think I need most!

Some of the benefits of Gold De Youth facial treatment are:
❤ Boost skin metabolism
❤ Stimulate collagen production
❤ Diminish fine lines and plump skin 
❤ Reduce large pore sizes 

It's time for facial treatment...

Little did I know that Beauty & Co The Gardens Mall outlet is the largest branch among all 8 outlets. There are about 20 treatment rooms in total, including 2 luxurious VIP rooms (the one pictured above) with in-room jacuzzi and city skyline view.  

Love the bright daylight shining upon the jacuzzi, with petals of flowers and candles surrounding it. How romantic the setting is! It is just so relaxing over here, how I'd wish to spend a little longer inside the jacuzzi before the facial begins...

This 1-hour facial session comprises of several steps: Cleansing (makeup removal), applying peeling gel (dead skin removal), facial steaming (to open the pores), extraction (for whiteheads / blackheads), applying ampoule (for better absorption) and a luxurious gold caviar massage for face and shoulder, and lastly a 20-minute gold mask to seal the nutrients into the skin. 

Here are some of the products used during the Gold De Youth facial treatment.

After steaming, the pores are widely open and the beautician is doing extraction on my skin. There are plenty of impurities (for instance, blackheads and whiteheads) that need to be eliminated before they clog my pores further, hence this process is worth the pain.

Next is a quick application of Glow Booster Face Ampoule using the Sono machine which uses ultrasound to improve product penetration, skin lifting and tightening. However, the machine can only be used if it is suitable for your skin condition. 

Moving on, the luxurious gold caviar massage honey gel is then applied over the face. I like how
the beautician skillfully massages the gel into my skin, to firm up the skin and create that "V" shape.

The last step, which is my favourite part, is the application of Gold De Youth facial mask for 20 minutes. The mask is infused with the luxurious gold from France, to deliver the benefits of rapid firming, lifting and brightening.

Although it is just a quick 20 minutes mask, it feels so comfortable that I fall asleep on the bed!

After one session of Gold De Youth facial treatment, I must say that the result is pretty satisfying. I can see that my skin is instantly brighter, smoother and more glowing. It gives my skin a "whole new life" once again; goodbye to the tired-looking skin! 

First Trial Special Promo for You!

PM / DM Beauty & Co's Facebook and Instagram with my code "OhfishieeGold68"
to redeem Gold De Youth First Trial special promo at any of the 8 Beauty & Co outlets.

For outlet locations and more information, please visit Beauty & Co at:
Instagram: @beautyandco.bc

Beauty & Co at The Gardens Mall
FF230, 5th Floor, Cocoon,
The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

Call: +603-2284 6161
Mobile: +60112-367 5220

Beauty & Co in 7 other locations:
Bukit Tinggi, Klang (+603-3326 3361)
1 Utama Shopping Mall (+603-7731 7911)
 Setia Alam (Slimming Sanctuary) (+603-3345 6161)
Paradigm Mall (Slimming Sanctuary) (+603-7491 0261)
Dataran C180, Cheras (+603-9075 5161)
 USJ Taipan (+603-5631 5161)
Kepong (+603-6241 1106)

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