10 May, 2019

[BEAUTY] Review: A'bloom Young, Funky Cosmetics by Althea Korea

Hi dearies!  Today's post is all about the new launches from A'bloom, an exclusive in-house beauty brand under Althea Korea. I am excited to share this with you because they are among the most affordable skincare and makeup tool products I've ever gotten so far.

A'bloom's first series of products include super adorable meringue puffs (foundation applicator), fancy facial masks and blackhead removal skincare product. Let's take a closer look at each of them...

A'bloom Baby Meringue Puffs (30mm x 28mm) @ RM11 for 3 pieces
A'bloom Giant Meringue Puff (48mm x 46mm) @ RM8 per piece

I'm sure the makeup puff applicator is no stranger to you, but have you ever seen such petite-sized ones in cute pastel colours? This is one of the products that makes me go "awww...." It is just too irresistibly cute!

How to Use:
1. For dewy, moisturising finish:
Soak the puff in running water and gently squeeze out the water then use it to complete your base makeup
2. For perfectly matte finish:
Use it dry for full coverage

Look at how cute the baby meringue puff is!

 Made with high-density latex-free and non-toxic materials (which means it is safe for sensitive skin), it feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

 Application wise, it can hold up the foundation well, and gentle pressure will be just fine.

If you prefer faster and easier application, perhaps you may consider the bigger version, Giant Meringue Puff instead. It can expand up to 1.5 times in size for faster and more even coverage for wide areas on the face Ideal for makeup beginners!

What I Like:
 This multi-angle versatile puff really helps to save a lot of time in applying foundation, because its wide bottom part can blend the makeup on wide area so effortlessly while the pointy narrow part is able to reach the "stubborn" corners.

 It is also easy to clean -- just soak in running water and wash with cleansing foam. Don't forget to dry it under cool area, and replace it every 1-3 months.

A'bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster (8g) @ RM16

When it comes to skincare, A'bloom has something amazing for us too: This natural BHA (White Willow Bark Extract) stick helps create an experience of easy and painless blackhead and whitehead removal. It also contains charcoal, apricot seed, tea tree leaf oil to keep troubles away while soothing the skin.

How to Use:
1. After cleansing, apply onto targeted areas with excessive sebum.
2. Gently massage in a circular motion to release trapped oil and dirt.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

Beauty Tips:
 For more effective cleansing, place a warm towel onto skin before use to open up the pores.
 It can also be used as as a scrub for elbow or heel.

 It feels soft and melts upon touching the skin.

 To my delight, such a gentle and non-irritating formula works wonder in terms of purifying and clarifying pores instantly as it melts away impurities, treats and prevents new ones from forming. The feel of having soft, smooth skin after use is just amazing.

 It exudes very light tea tree leaf scent.

What I Like:
 It is so convenient to have such a quick, easy and painless way for clean nose in just 1 minute!
 Plus, it is effective in washing off excess sebum and removing dead skin cells even for elbow or heel.

Anti-Blemish Peach | Brightening Lemon Lime
Nourishing Avocado | Moisturizing Watermelon 
Mask Sheet (25g) @ RM15.00 per 10 sheets 

Lastly, here comes my favourite item among all: the funky masks designed for millennial. Available in 4 types, the mask sheet is a quick pick-me-up for an instant nutrient boost to the skin -- all you need is just putting it on for 10 minutes and your skin will thank you for the pampering!

Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet: For deep hydration
❤ It feeds the skin with lots of water from watermelon extract while calming the senses with its lavender extract content.

Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet: For brightening and clarifying
❤ Its double dose of Vitamin C from lemon and lime extracts give the skin a natural glow, so goodbye dullness and dark spots!

Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet: For nourishment and protection
❤ Rich in antioxidants, avocado extracts hibiscus, it nourishes and protects skin against the harmful environment, creating soft, supple and wrinkle-free skin.

Anti-Blemish Peach Mask Sheet: For purifying and skin balancing
❤ Infused with peach extracts and tea tree oil, it soothes irritated skin, balances moisture-oil level and purifies skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

❤ In terms of quality and thickness, there is nothing to shout about. But I am glad that it is super moist with high concentrated moisture essence.

❤ Moisturised and comfortable after use. Great as my traveling companion too.

Overall Verdict:

1. A'bloom beauty products are aesthetically interesting, and work well on the skin.
2. The irresistibly good price point is a bonus for this range of products, hence suitable for students and young adults.
3. Repurchase? Yes, and I hope to see more new products by the brand soon!

❤ ❤ 
To find out more about Althea, please visit:
Instagram: @altheakorea

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