07 June, 2019

6 Morning Routines for Managing Dry Hair

There are plenty of things that can be damaging to your hair and cause it to dry out, from the products you use on it to the elements that you expose it to. If you struggle with dry hair and can’t seem to find the root of the cause, maybe you should try some of these 6 morning routines to help you better manage your hair and make it look healthier and more beautiful.
1. Wash your hair less

This might be the most difficult routine to embrace. Who wants to walk around with dirty hair? But actually, the chemicals in your shampoo can be really damaging, so the less shampoo you use, the better for your hair.

Some of the biggest culprits most commonly found in shampoos are sulfates (SLSs), parabens, and synthetic fragrances. While they each play an important role in the functioning of the shampoo (cleaning and lathering, preventing bacterial growth, adding a pleasant smell), they can also have adverse effects on your hair and body (stripping hair of its natural oil, damaging the hair follicle, causing allergic reactions with sensitive skin, and having other toxic effects.)

Even if you use an all-natural shampoo, washing your hair less can help balance the production of natural oils and sebum. When your hair’s oil is repeatedly stripped, the scalp goes into overdrive to produce more. You can counteract this production and find your scalps natural balance with fewer hair washes.

2. Filter out the chemicals in your water

Depending on where you live, your city’s water supply may contain various contaminants that could be damaging your hair and skin. Many cities use chlorine to purify water for drinking, but the chemical also strips your hair of sebum. Other water supplies contain heavy metals which may contribute to hair loss. Or perhaps you live in a hard water area, meaning there is a lot of calcium in your water supply which can cause a buildup of minerals and contribute to breakage.

Thankfully, there’s a range of shower head water filters that can help you target each of these problems specifically. If you’re confused as to which will work best for you, check out this review of the best shower filters currently available: https://www.best-osmosis-systems.com/shower-head-filter-reviews/

3. Change your drying and styling techniques

It has become common knowledge that using heat on your hair does no good. But are you actually implementing this? If you can’t bring yourself to stop using heat to dry or style your hair altogether, at the very least, invest in some good heat protection products. But letting your hair air-dry could also be damaging it! When hair is saturated with water, it swells which puts pressure on the follicle, and air drying hair means it is wet for longer. Instead, try wrapping your hair while being wet to help it dry naturally, but faster.

4. Rehydrate with oils

One of the ultimate treatments for dry hair is applying essential oils. These all-natural products are free of additives and chemicals that could cause any damage and instead have a range of benefits: Stimulating hair growth as well as moisturizing the scalp to reducing dandruff and hair loss. Jojoba oil, Moroccan argan oil and coconut oil are also popular and effective oil treatments for your hair.

5. Get the right nutrients out of your breakfast

Your hair benefits from certain aspects of your diet, so packing in the right nutrients, such as antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins can help to keep it nourished. The easiest way to achieve this at breakfast is through smoothies. Berries and spinach are high in vitamins that promote hair growth and antioxidants that combat damaging free radicals. You can also sneak in some other super ingredients.

If you’re not all that into smoothies, you might want to consider taking some supplements to ensure you’re getting all the right vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair growth.

6. Stop damaging your hair with accessories

Have you ever taken your hair down after a long day and seen a kink where the tie was? That kink demonstrates the damage that some accessories can do. Tight hair ties, combed hair bands and sharp hair clips can all break and damage your hair.

When thinking about your morning look you should consider loose hairstyles or try other accessories that are gentler on your hair and will actually protect it, such as soft scrunchies and silk accessories.

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