27 June, 2019

Everything About Alcohol-free Beer

The amount of non-alcoholic beer produced is starting to increase nowadays and they’re readily stocked at many outlets. Drinking alcohol-free beer is known to have several benefits and, most importantly, it saves you from the hassle of being hungover.

Alcohol-free beer and low-alcoholic beer are known to act as a beneficial alternative to the regular beer which contains 4-5% alcohol. But what else is interesting about alcohol-free beer? There are plenty of things that you need to know regarding its composition, benefits, and how to incorporate it with daily life.

Questions that might have crossed your mind Being alcohol-free will indeed be different from consuming typical alcoholic beer. The factor of alcohol not being present in beer can change a lot of things:


The first thing that comes to your mind would be what is alcohol-free beer and what is it made of? Based on research, alcohol-free beer is known to either contain no alcohol at all or a relatively very low amount of alcohol that does not exceed 0.5%. It is known to be natural, made of water, yeast, malt, and hops. It does not contain any additives or artificial sweeteners. While low-alcoholic beer contains less than 2%.

The number of calories that it has

Alcohol-free beers are known to contain a relatively less number of calories than typical beers, as they have less/no alcohol. If you are comparing the number of calorie intake of a 4.5% alcohol beer to a 0.5% alcohol beer, you will find that the latter will help you save up to 145 calories. However, not all alcohol-free beers are low in calories. It all depends on the brewing process. For instance, a beer that’s made of lazy yeast is more likely to have high sugar and calories.


To all those who were avoiding the bitter taste of beer, alcohol-free beer is the right choice for you! It somehow tastes similar to normal beer; however, it is known to be better-tasting. It does not give you the sudden taste cringe that you get due to the alcoholic presence.

Health benefits

Drinking alcohol-free beer can benefit your health big time. Alcohol consumption is not always the best choice for your kidneys, that’s why an alcohol-free drink is known to be healthier. It also reduces the risk of many diseases, such as heart diseases. Alcohol-free beer helps in improving your sleep, which supports your bone growth and reduces the risk of catching any disease.

Switching to alcohol-free

Alcohol-free beer would act as a great alternative for you if you are trying to reduce your amount of alcohol consumption. It’s an easy way out for you as you have several options out there for you.

Now, let's Bottom’s Up!

The production of alcohol-free beer has become one of the greatest options out there to aid you if you’re looking for an alternative to alcohol. It is known to be very helpful in different ways; it reduces your calorie intake as it contains relatively less sugar, tastes better than the typical beer, and does not affect your health. What’s also important after all, is that alcohol-free beer will save you from a messy hangover.

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