16 July, 2019

Beat the Heat While Staying Fashionably "Hot"

Temperatures are flaring up this summer across the world. So, wanna know how to stay looking sexy and attractive whilst feeling sweaty and sticky in the heat and humidity? Then you gotta watch out for a few important things during the months when the sun is shining down on you so that you are able to stay “hot”, even in this kind of heat!

Trends can vary every year, but there are some types of summer clothing items that you can depend on and pull out every year for that timeless look, and most importantly, will not compromise you looking your best!


It’s pretty much impossible not to sweat in the summer and there’s not a whole lot you can do to prevent that. But at least you don’t want to add more sweat by wearing any type of material that just overheats the body and makes a person sweat more. Go for 100% cotton when you’re buying your shirts and t-shirts. Cotton is a natural fabric, known to absorb moisture. It’s durable, breathable and soft, making it everything you’d want in a tshirt- many high end stores go for the casual chic look and it really goes a long way in providing comfort as well as style in the hot weather.

If you want to go for a dressier look, you could also shop for linen shirts. Linen dries quicker than cotton from moisture. According to the pros at menstopspot.com, it’s also advisable to avoid wearing darker colors, clothing like black, which absorbs light and converts it to heat, but stick to lighter color clothing like white which repels the sunlight, and also always gives you a sexy and fresh look. There are so many great options online to get quality shirts that last for long and also let you breath during the hotter months, and will never fail to have you looking cool and gorgeous even in the worst of conditions.


Khaki colored pants are always the safer choice, but you could go a bit bolder with olive, gray, blue, and pretty much anything not too loud is up for grabs. Put away dark jeans and go for real blue- there are a variety of blues along with the cut trend that is sure to give you ventilation while lending to keeping you sexy by showing off some skin. Don’t rule out black jeans in the summer either- they work great for summer evenings and goes well with anything at all.


Summer is not going to put into consideration that you might have to wear a suit every day for work or for other occasions. The classic choice for a summer suit is linen. Match it up with a pair of loafers and you’re good to go with a clean and sleek look. You could also purchase a suit with a blend of cotton and linen. As for the ladies, you can still look smart and sexy and not have to suffer the wrath of the heat. Keep it simple with a plain or plaid short skirt and a light white shirt. Keep in mind that you can get suits that are not lined or just have single lining.


Loafers are ideal for a smart, sexy and casual look. Try on some chinos and espadrilles for a classic look. You can also choose between slip-on shoes and lace-ups to add that extra oomph to any combination with the hot summer weather. During the hot months, you’d need pairs of no show socks that help absorb sweat from leather loafers so that you’re comfortable while looking good.

Moccasins are a great choice too. They are typically worn casually with a pair of jeans or chinos and a classic polo. They can be paired with a suit, but because it's a casual shoe, leave the necktie out. Other choices include canvas sneakers or boat shoes/topsiders. These are made with lightweight suede, leather, or canvas material. They’re mainly for casual looks only.


Summer can’t be summer without a pair or two of shorts, but a lot can go wrong if you don’t buy what suits and is flattering on you. Right above the knee is a good length, but anything above that is really not going to be the best look. You also don’t want shorts that cling to you, or are too baggy, so keep the whole look trimmed as much as possible. The most traditional solid colors are khaki, tan, white, off-white navy, and olives. Buying 2-3 pairs of chinos will always look sharp and are much better in warm weather than heavy denim, and the same goes for summer pants. As for the ladies, ripped denim is definitely in as well as bright colors to go with the tone of the weather.

Go loose

Generally speaking, you want your summer clothes to have a bit of a looser fit than your winter clothes, but don’t go too loose and lose that trimmed, chic sexy look. Also, choose lighter colors in shirts since darker colors tend to absorb more heat. When you keep your summer clothes, lightweight and functional, you won’t have to sweat it in knowing what to wear or compromise staying hot and attractive!

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