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17 July, 2019

*NEW MENU* Tapas Club Spanish Restaurant & Lounge @ Pavilion KL

Hey, are you up for some tapas and sangria? 

I have long heard about Tapas Club Malaysia, which has been taking the center stage of Spanish food scene in town since its grand opening exactly 1 year ago at the Dining Loft, Level 7 of Pavilion KL, but this is my first time indulging into the authentic Spanish delights at this swanky restaurant cum bar.

Being a specialist in tapas, paella and desserts, Tapas Club has been constantly creating new, innovative dishes so diners can enjoy myriad of flavours from time to time. Just couple of weeks before its anniversary, Tapas Club has rolled out a brand-new menu featuring 17 new dishes of which we get to try some today.

Tapas Club not only aims for the best quality (from careful selection of ingredients to interesting combination of flavours) food, but it also does not compromise on every detail of the restaurant setting.

Look at the beautiful wine display, how can you miss such lovely picture-worthy spot?

[Bestseller] Garlic Prawns @ RM25.00

We begin our gastronomical journey here with some best-selling and new tapa dishes. Like many concur, the pan-fried garlic prawn served in olive oil tops our list of favourites, all thanks to its rich seafood goodness coming from the prawn stock.

[Bestseller] Spanish Omelette with Truffle Aioli @ RM25.00

Not a fan of seafood? Try another crowd pleaser - Spanish-style confit potato pancake with caramelised onion and eggs. It has a very nice chunky texture on the mouth while the truffle aioli heightens the overall taste and aroma of the dish.

[*NEW*] Txistorra and Quail Egg on Toast @ RM25.00

One of the new creations that interests me is the pan-fried txistorra sausage and quail egg served on toasted bread (4 pieces per platter). - so incredibly cute and it reminds me of "mini American breakfast". I like how the cured sausage is bursting with incredibly rich flavours of spices too.

[*NEW*] Pork Cheek with Spanish Puquillo Pepper @ RM25.00

Those who prefer more subtle flavours should try the sous vide pork cheek. Although mildly spiced, it is well-complemented with incredibly creamy mash that enhances the overall flavours altogether.

[*NEW*] Garlic Chicken @ RM25.00

[Bestseller] Chicken and Seafood Paella @ RM68.00

As much as we enjoy our tapas, we also have a great time digging into the vibrant and unpretentious pan of signature paella studded with seafood. Personally, I prefer the squid ink paella for that added depth of flavours from the umami-rich squid ink.

[Bestseller] Squid Ink Paella with Clams @ RM68.00

[Bestseller] Tapas Club Cheesecake @ RM28.00

Apart from tapas and paella, I am equally impressed by Tapas Club's homemade desserts. Our visit to Tapas Club wouldn't be complete without digging into the luscious deconstructed cheesecake which is beautifully composed of cream cheese, caramelised crumbs and berries compote. 

Thanks to its creamy, smooth and melt-in-the-mouth texture, it definitely wins the hearts of cheese lovers like myself.

[Bestseller] Churros with Chocolate Sauce @ RM28.00

Of course, being the home of authentic Spanish cuisine, you just can't go wrong with the Spanish No.1 traditional dessert - churros served with chocolate dip. The version served here is slightly crunchier and denser than usual, but nevertheless tastes superb when dipped with the lightly sweet chocolate sauce.

1. Tapas Club is a great place for dine and wine by both the day and night. Highly recommended for special occasions, celebrations or private functions too.
2. Overall, Tapas Club has far exceeded our expectations in almost all aspects, be it the quality of food, ambiance or service. If I were to have any complaints at all, it would be the overall taste of food leaning towards the heavier (stronger) side. But no worries, pairing them with some boozes will help balance out the flavours.
3. Recommended: Garlic Prawn, Squid Ink Paella, Tapas Club Cheesecake

Tapas Club Malaysia
Lot 7.01.01, Level 7 @ Dining Loft,
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
+603-2110 2718
Instagram: @tapasclubmsia 

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