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06 August, 2019

Clever Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know

In a world where plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments have become quite common, the need for us, women, to keep up and look just as beautiful as everyone around us is becoming insane! That’s why every little beauty hack, counts, especially if it’s easy and helps add a wave of splendor to your looks without putting that much effort.

Here are a few beauty hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Highlight your eyes

You know how movie stars seem to wake up looking ever so perfectly in the movies? That’s the same feeling you’ll get with eyelash extensions. The professionals at One Stop Lashes know that thick, defined and attractive lashes are what beauty is all about, giving you the feeling that you have mascara on all the time. But, the only difference is, you don’t face the struggle of applying it correctly or the panda eyes if you’ve forgotten to remove it before you sleep.

Use lip brush for lower eye mascara application

One of the most difficult make-up to apply has always been mascara, especially on the lower lashes. It’s like every time you just briefly touch your skin, you’ve given yourself a black eye. But with this hack, you’ll say goodbye to messy eyes for good! Apparently, a lip brush was actually made to apply mascara on the lower eyes, but they probably just got the name wrong! Using a brush will give you better control and leave you clean, neat, and vibrant eyelashes.

Use toothpaste when you’ve run out of lip gloss

If you’ve run out of lip gloss or have just misplaced it and find yourself in a hurry, you don’t need to worry! Applying a thin layer of toothpaste on the lips and spreading it out evenly will leave your lips shiny, moisturized and smelling quite minty. It’s good to know that toothpaste does more than just whiten the teeth.

Moisturizes dry feet while you sleep

If you’ve got dry feet and cracks over your skin, then they need to be moisturized. Before you go to bed, apply a layer of body lotion, moisturizer or cream you prefer to your feet and keep them snuggled into your socks all through the night. Covering them up will allow the feet to absorb the moisturizer, leaving the skin ever so soft.

Long-lasting waves

It’s easy to get fed up and bored of straight hair, especially that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it in the right form. Wavy hair, on the other hand, gives a totally groovy look to your character and can make you feel like you’ve had a complete makeover. So, instead of going to the hair-dresser, there’s an easy hack to give you the best waves you can get. All you need to do, is braid your hair depending on the kind of waves you want. If you want loose waves, then make one big braid, but if you prefer more defined waves, then increase the number of braids and make them tighter. For a better effect, braid wet hair and keep them overnight. Once you untie the braids in the morning, you’ll be surprised how gorgeous your hair is!

It’s the little things that matter and when it comes to beauty, the easier, faster, and small things that can be done to make a difference are the ones that are lifesaving. So instead of paying a fortune or freaking out because you forgot your lip gloss, try these hacks and embrace your effortless beauty.

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