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12 September, 2019

Why Kitchen Mat is a Must-Have in Every Kitchen

You might be asking why a mat or a rug is necessary in the kitchen. Most of us probably think that there is no need to have a mat placed on out kitchen floors. Well, actually there is. For one, it enhances the aesthetic quality of your kitchen. Also, mats help define the different zones in a multi-functional kitchen, wherein it serves a place for cooking, eating and being part of your living space. Another important purpose of a kitchen mat is to soften the hard floor and support your body while spending considerable time preparing and cooking food. With these benefits and more, you’ll want to change your mind.

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Mats add more color to your kitchen

Each of us has different preferences to the colors we want for our kitchen. There are several houses that have white as the predominant color, and there are others who prefer, bright or pastel colors. Whatever the color preference you may have, the kitchen mat will serve as a perfect complement to the color of your kitchen. If you are in doubt in which mat color to choose, a bright mat is your easiest and most reliable choice.

Kitchen mats can reduce fatigue

A common misconception about kitchen mats is that they are placed for decorative purposes only. Actually, they also are beneficial to your health. Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are made for this very purpose. This type of mat helps alleviate the negative effects of prolonged standing while preparing and cooking food in the kitchen, such as foot pain, back pain, lethargy and numbness.

If you want a wider coverage, you can use an anti fatigue runner mat to cover your sink, countertop, up to your stove. If you have a small kitchen a small anti-fatigue mat will do the job. You just need to place it in an area where you frequently stand on for long periods of time. Of course the effects of these mats are to alleviate aches and pains due to prolonged standing. You also need to wear supportive footwear that provides additional support and comfort, such as shoes that have supportive arches and cushioned insoles. Even thick, athletic socks can also help.

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Kitchen mats liven up the kitchen

Sometimes, your kitchen just doesn’t give that lively air due to the size of the cabinets and the many items placed above on the counter top. Kitchen mats can bring in visual flair and texture to your seemingly impersonal kitchen atmosphere. You can choose plain or patterned mats depending on your kitchen’s size, wall colors and lighting.

Mats also make the kitchen look bigger

Horizontal and vertical stripes can do wonders in tricking the eye about the size of something. Just like a striped wallpaper can make the room look taller or wider, adding striped runner mats on the floor can enhance the size of the floor, giving it a lengthier or wider look. Alternatively, positioning your runner towards the door gives a lengthy look to your kitchen. Diagonal patterns also enhance it further and also adds depth to the floor.

Mats give your kitchen a theme and texture

If you missed the old countryside or the beach side neighborhood when you were young, rugs can help you set the theme to these nostalgic places. Handmade rugs or native, ethnic designs can help you set a countryside or rural them, along with wooden cabinets and kitchen utensils. White knitted designs or anchor-printed mats can help you remember the beach and the sea, and you can add wind chimes and seashells as wreaths on your kitchen window for added effect.

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The kitchen mat has many uses for one of the busiest parts of our homes. Aside from enhancing the kitchen’s appearance and aesthetic sense, it also has a benefit for our good health. Soft and cushioned mats help alleviate fatigue and negative symptoms associated with prolonged standing. Thus, there are a lot of reasons to love having a mat in your kitchen.

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