24 October, 2019

Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken Restaurant – Peri Me Away

Nandos is truly an international chain of restaurants. While it is based out of South Africa, it actually serves Portuguese food. It started operations back in 1972 and opened its first store in Johannesburg. Since then it has managed to grow in popularity and today operates more than a thousand outlets all around the world. It has an active and popular presence in more than 35 countries as of today. In this article, we will be looking at some of the dishes served at Nandos stores in Malaysia. So let's get started and see what's on the menu at Nandos in Malaysia.


Let’s admit, though they serve several dishes, most of us go to Nandos for their peri peri style chicken. The chicken at Nandos is spicy. It is spicy even according to the south Asian standards where people eat really spicy food daily. A good thing about the chicken at Nandos is that it is not fried. Their chicken is grilled to order. This makes dining at Nandos a much healthier choice as compared to its competition. 

We have tried many other international chicken restaurants and they all taste quite bland when compared to the offerings from Nandos. The fact that their dish is healthier as compared to the competition puts Nandos out of the fast-food chain bracket. It can actually be considered a healthy dining option for your entire family. You can even order it online. Nandos delivery via Foodpanda Malaysia is usually quick while the meal remains warm and fresh when you
receive at your doorsteps.

Churrasco thigh burger:

We would like to call it the king of all burgers. We know that there are some really amazing and popular burger selling stores in Kuala Lumpur but believe us when we say that this burger is simply out of this world. The tender and juicy chicken, coupled with cheese, coleslaw, and peri peri sauce makes it one of the tastiest burgers money can buy. If you think we are over exaggerating, we would advise you to try it yourself and then rethink what we just said. We are sure that you will have the same opinion as ours. It is a king-sized burger. You won't feel the need to have something on the sides, just a burger would be enough to satisfy your hunger. This makes it a nice healthier alternative when compared to fried chicken burgers sold at most of the other stores.

Quinoa salad:

There are some people who never eat salad. Such people must try Quinoa Salad at least  once. Quinoa salad served at Nandos is rich in fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. It's always a good idea to have some salad with meat-based food. Since meat-based products are low in fiber, having a salad on the sides helps in proper digestion. We hardly recommend that whenever you visit Nandos, you should try this salad at least once.

Preggo Rolls:

Preggo rolls are another popular choice at the Nandos. Preggo rolls do not have chicken. They are made from steak instead of chicken. Steak lovers would definitely fall in love with preggo rolls. Try to imagine the best steak sandwich that you’ve ever had. Now imagine a steak sandwich a hundred times better than that and you will have Nandos preggo rolls.

The steak is first marinated with ingredients such as Peri Peri sauce, olive oil, garlic paste, and a few herbs. It is kept like that for quite some time so that steak absorbs all the flavors. Once the marination part is complete, it is grilled and served. Again, being grilled is a healthier alternative to other kinds of similar offerings available at other stores.

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