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14 November, 2019

[TRAVEL] 10 Reasons to Visit Kamogawa Sea World, Chiba (Japan's Top 10 Best Aquarium)

Oh hi, fishiee!

My 5D4N Chiba trip has been amazing with so many fun-filled experiences, but my favourite among all is Kamogawa Sea World, rated as Japan's No. 2 Aquarium after Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Kamogawa Sea World
1464-18, Higashi-cho, Kamogawa,Chiba 296-0041.
Tel: 04-7093-4803
Fax: 04-7093-4829

Entrance fees:
Regular ticket (including lunch buffet): 4,780 yen per adult
Child of age 13 - 15: 3,580 yen
Child of age 7 - 12: 2,900 yen
Child of age 4 -6 : 2,480 yen

How to get there:

❤ Free Shuttle Bus – 10 minutes ride
JR Awa-Kamogawa Station – Kamogawa Sea World
Every 40minutes between the station and the aquarium

❤ By JR train (from Tokyo Station) – 2hours
JR Tokyo Station – Wakashio Limited Express Train – JR Awa-Kamogawa Station

❤ By Aqua-Line Express Bus (from Tokyo Station) – 2 hours
Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit – Aqusea Express Bus – JR Awa-Kamogawa Station

❤ By Direct Highway Bus (from Tokyo Station) – 2 hours
Keisei Bus and Nitto Kotsu operate approximately hourly highway buses directly to Kamogawa Sea World

❤ By Aqua-Line Express Bus (from Haneda International Airport) – 1.5 hours

❤ By Express Bus (from Narita International Airport) – 2 hours

Pardon my ignorance, it is my first time visiting such a huge, theme park-sized aquarium and I am truly amazed! The location is superb; It is set at the shore facing the Pacific Ocean, so you can enjoy magnificent sea view here.

Unlike other smaller aquariums I have been to, Kamogawa Sea World offers a more interactive discovery of the underwater world where I can really feel the marine life emotionally and appreciate the fact that the way they embrace life is beyond our imagination.

What's inside?

Inside the environment-integrated exhibition pavilion which creates a real, natural habitat for the sea creatures,there are more than 800 varieties and 11,000 marine and river animals in 3 different zones: the Eco Aquaroam, Tropical Island and Rocky World.

Although this place is flooded with local school kids everyday, I personally feel that it is an amazing attraction spot for visitors of all ages. I mean, how often can you get so close to such a huge variety of marine life?

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Kamogawa Sea World in Chiba:

1. Catch the killer whales' (orcas) diving moment at the Ocean Stadium

The killer whale performance is so spectacular, so powerful that you don't get to see it anywhere else in the world. And it's fun watching the drenched kids giggling and screaming in joy when the killer whale starts diving and splashing the water out of the tank :P

2. Catch the smiling sea lion
The sea lion performance is utterly cute, and remember to stay till the end of the show and catch a bright, smiling sea lion in frame!

Note: Photo opportunity with sea lion requires additional fees.

3. Beluga performance
It's another stellar show because the beluga is just so intelligent and cute! Words just can't describe how amused I am while watching the beluga performance. Trust me, you just can't miss this. 

4. Watch the dancing dolphins
Graceful moves and rhythmic flow ...probably better than the gymnastic show :P

5. Dine with the sea animals
Dining at the semi-underground Ocean Restaurant is a whole different experience on its own. Every table setting is complete with a large window where you get to see the aquarium and killer whale swimming by as you enjoy your meal. How amazing!

Did I forget to mention that the whale rice and dolphin cookies are too cute to be eaten?

6. Feed and touch the marine animals
I feel super exciting and nervous at the same time when I get to touch a beluga! It looks so tame and cute that it melts my heart. However, again, there are limited spots each day and additional fee is required.

7. Experience the underwater world
The Eco Aquaroam is probably the largest indoor tank I've seen. Here I can imagine myself diving and seeing all kinds of sea creatures in their most natural habitat.

Don't forget to bring your children to the interactive zone to paint a digital fish and see it swim on a large screen.

8. Stroll along the beach with sea turtles
I guess this is a major bonus for marine life lovers – a natural sandy beach where you can see sea turtles. Although time doesn't allow me to do so during my visit, but I wouldn't want to miss this chance if I can.

9. Wanna explore more? Stay overnight.
I know I can spend one whole day here without feeling bored at all, but if you want to enjoy the relaxing time to the fullest, you can put a night at Kamogawa Sea World Hotel located next to it.

10. Complete your day trip
For visitors travelling towards Tokyo after that, you can always drop by at Umihotaru Aqualine of Tokyo Bay, for a sightseeing experience of the world's only highway on the sea.

This 14km Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway which is a tunnel-bridge combination across Tokyo Bay (4.4km bridge and 9.6km underwater tunnel), is the 4th longest underwater tunnel in the world.

Or you can shop at the nearby Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu which houses over 250 retail outlets. Both places are only an hour drive away from Kamogawa Sea World.

I haven't been such a happy kid visiting an aquarium until I am here at Kamogawa Sea World. The full experience wows me especially when they do a really good job in nurturing the marine life, maintaining their natural habitat and ecosystem, and educating the public on the sea creatures.

Hope to see you again, Killer Whale and Beluga! 

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