12 January, 2020

A California Raisins Affair with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant

Hi! Are you a fan of California Raisins? 

It has always been my favourite snack since childhood as it is rich in nutrients
and tastes great with its natural sweetness. 

Some key benefits of California Raisins are:
❤ All-natural
❤ Naturally sweet and do not contain added sugar
❤ Fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in sodium
❤ Rich in potassium for better nervous system functions
❤ Great source of fibre, concentrated nutrients and phytonutrients

Do you know that California Raisins can provide a lot of flavours, textures and colors to a wide variety of products? Hence, they are widely used as an alternative to reduce sugar levels in dishes and their high water binding capacity helps to retain moisture in bakery products. No wonder they become a popular ingredient in the making of bread, pastry, pizza crust, beverages or even main dishes.

Mr Richard Lieu, RAC's Trade Promotions Director for Malaysia agrees that California Raisins have been a popular healthy snack among children and a very versatile cooking ingredient especially as consumers are becoming more health-conscious and more adventurous in their culinary endeavours.

Next, we have a certified clinical dietitian, Ms Tan Yen Sing, to share on the goodness and benefits of California Raisins.

Also present in this recipe sharing session are the 2-star Michelin celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant from Belgium and Chef Erich Anton Roos from Switzerland. It is a great experience to watch them demonstrate on the versatile California Raisins in a 4-course dinner.

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant starts the cooking demo with plenty of humour and knowledge sharing. He has been involved in the culinary industry since a tender age of 16! Now, he has hosted the AFC Channel for many years and opened his first restaurant in Singapore called Saint Pierre. I'd definitely like to drop by one day!

Now, it's time to sample some delicious dishes crafted using California Raisins
with the team from Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC).

 California Raisins, Crab and Cauliflower

The first appetizer we savour is the crab croquette with California Raisins and cauliflower. So crisp and punch-packed with seafood sweetness, plus an added hint of sweetness from the California Raisins.

California Raisins Pasta with Fennel and Prawns

The seafood pasta is one of the healthier versions I have tried. It tastes so fresh in seafood flavours, and I am glad to see plenty of California Raisins in it to add more flavours to the dish.

California Raisins with Beef Short Ribs and Winter Fruits

It is indeed my first time having short ribs with California Raisins and I am surprised that they pair so well together, especially when drenched in the braised sauce.

After the savoury dishes, here comes Chef Erich Anton Roos to present his remarkable desserts using California Raisins. Chef Erich has over 40 years culinary experience and is currently based in Bangkok to assist with consultancy and strategic planning for kitchen training needs in international hotel chains.

Symphony of California Raisins (California Raisins muffin with cream, 
California Raisins cinnamon ice cream and apple puff)

His dessert is indeed a marvellous one. My personal favourite goes to the ice cream because it is not too sweet for my liking yet is full of flavours. Thanks to the naturally sweet California Raisins! 

Thank you both Chefs for the amazing treat. It is indeed a great gastronomical experience with California Raisins and I can't wait to create more dishes using this fantastic ingredient with the recipes provided by the Chefs.

Hunting for high quality dried fruit? Look no further than California Raisins!

For more information and recipes on California Raisins, 
please visit www.calraisins.org or www.caraisins.com or Facebook Page: @RACAsean

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