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27 February, 2020

Fun Ways to Battle Summer Heat Wave

More than ever before, heat waves are becoming a common phenomenon. This has become a worrying trend but then again, you can only do so much about the situation. A lot has been said about the things you need to be doing during a heatwave, how you need to be doing them, and the best ways to stay protected. But it seems that very little has been told about fun things one can do during a heatwave.

Come rain or high waters, having fun is a part of life. Hey, they say that if life hands you lemons, you might as well ask it for glass, water, and sugar. There are no manuals or restrictions on having fun. Life is too short whether you’re going through a heatwave or a cold wave. Don’t mind the optimism twisted in a bit of humor, it’s just the way it is. But the question is, where would you rather be during a heatwave? Having fun right? There you have it! Below are fun ways to battle the summer heat wave.

1. Staying Cool

Of course, this is a no brainer but how you stay cool will make all the difference. During particular heatwaves, the temperatures may get really hot, causing you to feel overly exhausted, confused, and very thirsty. While hydrating yourself may help quench your thirst, you’ll need to do more than just drink water. The guys at Dream Scoops recommend introducing something chilly like ice cream to your system. This will not only provide you with cooling, the nutrients in the ice cream will also help provide you with the energy you need to fight off exhaustion.

2. Dressing for Outdoor Fun

Staying cool is all about tricking the mind into thinking that it’s not as hot as it may seem to be. Find clothes that are a reflection of coolness. The colors you choose for your clothes will make a huge difference in helping you stay cool and remain focused on staying cool. While you may not be for the idea of staying indoors, you’ll in the same manner not like it to rock the beach with your dark-colored hues.

If you’re outdoors having some summer fun with your buddies at the beach during a heatwave, don’t leave the house without your linen and cotton beachwear. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen while at it. The beach is a perfect place to be during a heatwave. You may also decide to go on a picnic in a park that is well covered with trees and other vegetation.

3. Host a Pool Party

While swimming pools have become a bit overrated, it’s the activities that you decide to participate in and around the pool that will spice things up. A pool party doesn’t have to be at night. This is because you still want your kids and everyone else to have fun.

Hey, did you know that you can actually host a pool party without an existing pool? It’s everyone’s dream to have a pool in their backyard. But for some, this dream can seem a bit far-fetched, especially considering issues such as the space you have in your backyard. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pool party in your backyard during a heatwave. Here’s how and what you require:

  • Create a lively pool atmosphere – You’ll need to have a few beach balls, set up refreshing stands, and install market umbrellas in your backyard
  • Invest in misting outdoor umbrellas
  • Get everyone water pooled with water balloon slingshots
  • Ever heard of super soaker water guns? These can be a great addition to your heatwave fun activities.

4. What’s For the Kids Can Work for Adults As Well!

There’s a good reason they invented water beds for the kids and left the grownups guessing. Those squishy plastic orbs can be a great way to have fun and stay cool during a heatwave. Whether it means taking turns with your kids on the waterbeds or ultimately sending them ice skating while you remain at home with your spouse having the time of your lives, so be it! There are endless possibilities when it comes to owning a water bed. With waterbeds, the longer they’re left with water, the bigger, squishy, and bouncy they become. Actually, the bigger the better. The whole family can still have fun after all!

Typically, heat waves are just another hotter version of summer. Whatever you would do on a hot summer day, do it during a heatwave but always remember that, it’s during a heatwave that the sun’s rays are more hazardous. If you decide to spend your time outdoors, ensure you have your sunscreen on and most importantly, stay hydrated!

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