31 December, 2023

[TRAVEL] 10 Things to Do in Mother Farm, Chiba, Japan

Hello from the alpaca and I! 

Welcome back to my Chiba travelogue series!  After an underwater adventure in Kamogawa Sea World, we are here at Mother Farm to enjoy an up-close experience with the cute farm animals. I have only been to sheep farms in Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia so far, but never once have I stepped into such a huge place like Mother Farm that is not only a "farm",but also an amusement park, flower viewing point and camping site for visitors!

Entrance Fees:
Individual: 1,500 yen(adult) / 800 yen (child)
Group (20 pax and above): 1,200 yen (adult) / 700 yen (child)
*Child is 4 years old to elementary school students

Parking Fees: 
1,000 yen (passenger cars) 
300 yen (motorcycles)
3,000 yen(large buses)

How to Get There:

❤ 1. Tokyo Station - Sanukimachi Station - Mother Farm
Board a train (JR Uchibo Line) to Sanukimachi Station and then board a direct bus to Mother Farm (25 mins bus ride)
Bus frequency: 6 round trips on weekdays, 9 round trips on weekends and holidays

❤ 2. Tokyo Station -Kimitsu Station (South Exit) - Mother Farm
Board a train (JR Uchibo Line) to Kimitsu Station and then board a direct bus to Mother Farm (40 mins bus ride)
Bus fare: 700 yen (adult) /350 yen (child)

❤ 3. Haneda Airport- Kimitsu Station - Mother Farm
Take Aqua-Line Nonstop Bus to Kimitsu Station and then board a direct bus to Mother Farm (40 mins bus ride)

Opened since 1962, this 5-decade-old Mother Farm is one of the first farm attractions in Japan. One thing I really love about Japan is the constant effort of preserving the place in its best condition. Of course, this farm doesn’t look old or shabby at all. In fact, it is so clean and well-equipped with modern facilities to make your visit memorable here. Perhaps that’s because livestock-raising industry is essential for the future of Japanese!

So what are the top 10 reasons of making a trip to Mother Farm in Chiba? Here you go…

1. Meet and feed the animals!

The first thing to do here is joining the Mother Farm Tour, where we ride on a tractor train to tour around the farm, passing by the beautiful meadow pasture where all the little sheep and cows live. Here we get to meet plenty of farm animals which are rather uncommon for us. The train will make a stop midway for us to feed the young cute sheep, alpacas and cows too.

The tour guide will also tell fun and interesting stories about the farm along the way, unfortunately itis in Japanese which we can’t understand.

Duration of Mother Farm Tour: 60 minutes (Riding time: 35 minutes)
Fee: 1,200 yen (adult) / 700 yen (child)

2. Animal shows and petting sessions

Usually I only see cow milking session offered to the visitors in a farm, but here at Mother Farm there are so many interactive activities that attract me! For instance, the super cute Sheep Show, Duck's Parade, Sheep's Grand Parade, Piggy Race, Rabbit and Guinea Pig Touching.

*You can check the live schedule of all events in Mother Farm by scanning its QR code there.

3. Enjoy the dairy produce!

Mother Farm Milk is undoubtedly the richest-tasting milk I've ever tried! Love how it is made into such luscious soft-serve ice cream -- You can have it directly for the most original flavour, or add the bestselling toppings of caramel sauce and crunchy nuts.

If you plan to have a complete meal here, then try the Genghis Khan BBQ cooked with Mother Farm's secret tasty sauce. I literally start salivating when I heard there are homemade sausages, ribeye steaks, burgers, etc.

4. Seasonal flower viewing / flower picking

Flower viewing at Mother Farm is a must!! During the blooming season, you'll find yourself being surrounded by flower walkways with romantic whiffs of sweetness.

The best time to visit is around mid-February to mid-April where the farm is filled with a beautiful sea of 3.5 million vibrant yellow Field Mustard flowers. How lovely the view is!

I wanna watch the romantic pink Momoiro Toiki (Petunia) as well! Too bad they will only bloom around mid-May to mid-September.

Check out the schedule below to catch your favourite blooms in Mother Farm!
❤ Hydrangea (mid-June to mid-July)
❤ Salvia (early September to mid-October)
❤ Narcissus (late December to mid-February)
❤ Wintersweet (late January to late February)
❤ Japanese apricot or flowering peach trees (mid-February to early April)

5. Seasonal fruit picking

Yummy! What could be more delicious than natural farm fruits? Mother Farm is the home of Kanto's largest blueberry garden (over 2,000 bushes of blueberries!) and also A-frame hanging strawberry gardens.

Subject to additional fees, fruit picking is available based on the following seasons:
❤ Tomato (early December to late May)
❤ Strawberry (mid-January to late May)
❤ Blueberry (late July to late August)
❤ Sweet Potato(mid-September to late October)
❤ Kiwi Fruit (early to late November)

6. Hop onto the cutest bus in the farm!

Meet the two iconic buses in the farm: Ton-ton Bus (Pig) and Wan-wan Bus (Dog).
Take a ride with your little ones around the farm, I’m sure they’d be delighted.

7. Feel the excitement & thrills in Waku-Waku Land & Amusement Park

Don't you feel excited to see such a huge amusement park? There are plenty of adventurous and fun activities such as zipline, bungy jump and horse riding too. Unfortunately, due to the weather condition, we can't enjoy any rides there :(

8. DIY - Do it yourself!

Mother Farm's Food Tasting Studio is where chefs are born! :P Here you can make butter, cheese and jam on your own!

Not a fan of cooking? How about dropping by at Yamanoue Handicraft Studio and DIY your own leather key chains and fluffy wooden chicks?

9. Experience living in a farm!

Being a city girl, I am very much attracted to the cottages available here. Fully equipped with shower and kitchen facilities, I think they are great for a night stay or two. What's cooler here is the summer camp site (open only in July and August) for bigger groups.

10. Enjoy the special annual event

If you are lucky, you'll get to see Mother Farm with totally different vibes. The "Flower Garden of Light" Illumination festival in every November / December will make us feel the warmth of Christmas in the sea of flowers, how I'd wish to experience it on my own too!


Mother Farm is an eye opening experience, full of surprises, especially for city girls like me. There are so many things to do in the farm, and I can easily spend a full day here with the cute little farm animals while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Mother Farm is sure to offer beyond just a "farm visit", so highly recommended for leisure visits especially for families with young children.

Mother Farm
940-3, Tagura, Futtsu-shi, 

Chiba Prefecture, 
299-1601 Japan.
Fax: 0439-37-3337

Website: www.motherfarm.co.jp
Facebook: fb.com/motherfarm
Instagram: @motherfarm_official
Operating Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm (Differ by season, so make sure you check its website for more accurate information)

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