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13 April, 2020

Vivo Takes the Lead In 5G Smartphones Market

The global pandemic circumstance has impacted China’s smartphone industry shipment dropped significantly during the beginning of year 2020. According to data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the total shipment of China smartphone industry has fell 38.9%, and 56% during February. Although the overall domestic smartphone shipments have fallen drastically, while vivo, as a long-established technology company, is able to increase by 10% against the predicament situation.

A Long-term Strategic 5G Layout
Vivo has made a long-term layout in 5G, so that it can continue to advance in such adversity. As of 2012 when 3G first started, vivo has already formed a 5G Research & Development team and participated in the formulation of the 5G network. In 2016, shortly after the ITU proposed the 5G vision, vivo was involved in 3GPP's 5G development. In the long-term cultivation of 5G, vivo has applied for more than 2,000 5G invention patents and submitted more than 3,500 5G proposals to 3GPP standardisation organisation.

Precise Strategy
When vivo converted technology into products, it formulated a precise strategy, which is to build a group of "5G fleets" to achieve a comprehensive coverage of multiple price segments. Following last year’s NEX 3 5G, iQOO Pro 5G, and vivo X30 series, to this year’s NEX 3S, iQOO 3, vivo Z6, and forthcoming vivo S6, which covered the price from middle to upper range – allowing one to pick the best one to suit your needs from a wide variety of phones and price range.

Own Factory with Guaranteed Quantity
Not only vivo’s advance technology that guaranteed the phone quality, vivo has also established its own factory to avoid insufficient production capacity. The biggest advantage of having own factory is that it can produce excellent capacity and manage to control its output and inventory at all time. At present, the daily output of 5G smartphones in vivo's factory can produce up to 100,000 units, and it will eventually exceed this amount by the end of the month.

As for the problem of insufficient production that plagues various manufacturers at this stage, vivo relies on the absolute advantages of its own factories and has effectively control of the epidemic situation. With all the hard work that has been carried out by vivo, it has provided a guarantee for vivo to perform as usual in unprecedented situation.

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