16 August, 2020

[FOOD] Review: A Hog Affair at The Butcher's Table, Pavilion KL

Calling all pork lovers! It's time to share our porky moments at The Butcher's Table located at Level 7, Dining Loft of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, where we get to savour a fine selection of delectable house-cured meats and unique porky delights made from different parts of the swine. 

The Butcher's Table welcomes us with a warm ambiance as the eatery is furnished with modern wooden seating and the wall is lined with frames of different sizes showing some fancy quotes that tickle the nerves. 

True to its name, you can literally find all the meats you need on the butcher's table. There is a Butcher To-go Deli Counter inside the restaurant where you can pick from a wide variety of meat products and buy these chilled/frozen products to cook them at home.

From nitrate-free in-house sausages to well-marinated fresh cuts and natural smoked meats such as pancetta and pork knuckle, I am sure you would find your favourite here.

Pork Tomahawk (Bestseller!)

For first timer, I'd recommend you to come in a group unless you are feeling famished, and order this No. 1  bestseller - oven roasted pork tomahawk which weighs a whopping 700g! 

Look at the huge tomapork! Perfect dish for communal sharing.

Served with coleslaw and fries, this tender and juicy pork loin chop is well-balanced 
with a nice layer of rich, succulent belly fat. So hearty and satisfying on the palate. 

Butcher’s Signature Crispy Roast Pork

As the aromatic whiff fills the air, we know something good is arriving - it is the golden puffy crackling "Siew Yuk" layered with succulent meat. This dish may look simple, but the ultra crispiness and deep flavours make it a winner here, especially when served with the special Thai garlic dip for that extra kick. Definitely a must-try! 

Grilled Pancetta

When they call this Pancetta the "New King of Bacon", it makes me wonder why... Until I sink my teeth into the thick, lean and meaty slice, I am totally sold! This "thick bacon" is cured for 10 days before the process of slow-smoke on both sides of the meat, yielding an exquisite smoky and savoury flavour that keeps us craving for more. 

Smoked Quarter Chicken

Porkiness overload? Let's have the beautiful brown bird then. Thumbs up for the excellent brine-and-smoke process, it lends so much more flavours to the chicken as compared to the usual grilling. I am delighted that the smokiness is just on point while retaining the fluffiness of the meat. And it complements well with juicy coleslaw and fries too.

In-house Sausages (Iberico Pork and Chicken)

Sausages may be commonly served in many eateries, but high-quality and delicious ones are few and far between. I am glad to have found good sausages here at The Butcher's Table - each type of sausage is handcrafted using 100% real premium pork meat, spices, herbs and natural casing. Absolutely no nitrate, and zero fillers ya. The resulting "real meat" texture is amazing, and it does not taste "artificial" at all.  

Variety wise, you can choose from the list of sausages available: Deluxe Nuernberger Ring, Deluxe Cheese Ring, Garlic, Flaming Hot, Farmer's Bratwurst, English Oxford, Mushroom, Iberico Pork, Lamb Merguez, Chicken and Australian Beef Sausage. Be sure to explore each of the flavours!

The Butcher's Table is a haven for pork lovers to enjoy a meaty feast amidst the comfortable loft-style ambiance. If you wish to enjoy the same high-quality meat at home, you can always pop by to buy the chilled / frozen products here for home cooking.   

For latest updates / promotions, please visit The Butcher's Table, Pavilion KL at:
Instagram: @thebutcherstablekl 
The Butcher's Table
Lot 7.01.07 & E7.01.07, 
Level 7, Dining Loft   
Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-2110 4438 / +60111-7786422 
Business Hours: 10am - 10pm

Other outlets
- SS2, PJ
- Ipoh
- Penang (Bukit Mertajam)
- JB Midvalley Southkey (Village Grocer)

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