07 August, 2020

High-End X50 Series: The Success of vivo In Penetrating Elite Market

Despite current uncertainties due to Covid-19 which has greatly affected the smartphone industry, vivo is still able to achieve and maintain positive results as shown during this critical period. Behind the rapid recovery and stable growth is not only benefited from vivo's continuous 5G strategy and clearer positioning of the high-end X series, but also inseparable from vivo's reorganisation of its overall brand strategy. Moving in tangent with its aspiration, vivo launched their latest in X series – X50 and X50 Pro this year. With the launch of the X50 series, it increases the recognition of the vivo brand by serving the high-end market with its breakthrough performance. 

According to the recent phone shipments report conducted by Canalys, vivo’s share of the Chinese smartphone market in the second quarter was firmly ranked second, an incremental rate of 23% from the previous quarter – making vivo the Number 2 smartphone manufacturer brand in China. Despite IDC predicted that the global smartphone shipments will see a decremental rate of 18.2% in the first half of 2020, vivo resulted as the second-largest smartphone vendors, who has successfully toppled other major Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

vivo’s innovations including in-display fingerprint, fullscreen display and pop-up cameras have been seen as part of vivo’s short-term strategy – having to say that though the innovations may bring great returns to the brand but it may not be the best strategy for a long run. In the case of the overall industry downturn, vivo's response strategy is to focus on serving the long-term strategy which is to adjust expectations and improve capabilities. 

With vivo’s strong determination on progress and develop the most advance technology for their users, they have also been focusing on the image and video technology since then. One of the most remarkable innovations in this segment including the micro “gimbal-like” structure which has been embedded in the newly-launched X50 Pro. Recognising the consumer needs, the built in “gimbal-like” structure can help to achieve steadier results when recording video footage – offering an ultimate user experiences especially for photography and videography enthusiasts. 

After gaining a foothold in the mainstream market, vivo's brand exploration has been centered on user insights and in response to consumers' pursuit of mobile phone camera functions, vivo polished its products from multiple directions such as soft light, selfie, zoom, and images to resonate with the users more as it gradually becomes one of the core value points of the vivo brand. 

Forever determined to keep moving, vivo has mapped out the strategy not only for the current, but also focuses on the more comprehensive and ideal plan for the long run plan. Adhering to the brand’s philosophy, vivo continues to focus and commit on being their best and to always strive forward while constantly exploring new consumer demand – leading them to the success today.

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