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10 September, 2020

[BEAUTY] Review: Melix Body Spa & Body Lotion

Due to the tropical weather in our country, we often experience dryness on our skin when we stay under the hot sun or when we stay indoors under strong air conditioning. When our skin turns dry, flaky and lackluster, it is already too late to repair the skin. So, let's start taking care of our skin with Melix body care because prevention is better than cure.
It's time for DIY Home Spa with Melix Body Care! ❤ 

Melix body care series (body spa (body wash) and body lotion) do not contain any harsh chemicals which may irritate the skin such as paraben, alcohol and SLS/SLES. Hence, it is suitable for those with:    
❤ Dry, flaky skin
❤ Dull skin
❤ Peeling skin
❤ Sensitive skin 
❤ Acne-prone skin  

Melix Body Spa
British Blossom (450ml) (玫瑰亮肌沐浴露) 
English Lavender (450ml) (薰衣草美肌沐浴露)

How to use: Squeeze one full pump onto the palm / sponge, and apply over the skin. Then rinse off thoroughly.

Melix body spa is a type of mild shower gel that contains no alcohol, silicone, paraben or sulphate, hence it is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. I personally like how skin-friendly the product is.

Packaging wise, both pump bottles are translucent pink in color -- so sweet-looking and girly, plus it is easy to see the amount of content left in the bottle. 

Formulated in France, Melix British Blossom Body Spa has a rich content of organic rose water which helps to minimise pore appearance, maintain skin suppleness and radiance, while locking moisture into the skin.

It contains the antioxidant-rich West Indian cherry extract which has anti-aging benefits, as well as apple stem cell extract for stimulating the collagen production of the skin. 

❤ The gel texture is not overly thick, and just perfect to form bubbles well for the whole body.
❤ Using 1-2 pumps will be sufficient for each time of shower. 

❤ It exudes sweet rosy scent that brings a sense of romance and happiness.

What I Like:
❤ It nourishes the skin well and it feels good to smell like a sweet rose after showering!
❤ Suitable for those who always stay in air-conditioned room or those who sleep late at night.  

However, my favourite goes to Melix English Lavender Body Spa which is famous for its soothing and repairing benefits especially for sensitive skin. Its rich content of hyaluronic acid instantly feeds the skin with water, while the lavender scent gives a relaxing sensation to the soul.
❤ Similar to Melix British Blossom Body Spa, the gel texture lathers well and
one full pump is sufficient to relax myself from head to toe,

❤ The lavender scent is soul-comforting and mind-soothing;
perfect for night use especially after a long day of working!

What I Like:
❤ Having a hot shower with Melix English Lavender Body Spa feels like a destressing therapy because of its beautiful relaxing lavender scent.
❤ Suitable for those who are constantly exposed to sunlight, or those with acne-prone or sensitive skin.     
  Melix Hydra Moist Body Lotion with Shea and Moringa (235ml) 

Of course, after showering, it is important to seal more moisture into the skin. Melix body lotion is ideal to hydrate the skin as well as to lock moisture into the skin while it calms sensitive skin, and provides anti-aging benefits such as brightening the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation.

It is also free from any harmful ingredients, so don't worry about any side effects such as skin itching upon application as it is suitable for all skin types.

Some of the key ingredients in the body lotion include:
❤ Olive fruit oil and olive leaf extract: To hydrate the skin and prevent moisture loss
❤ Shea butter: To condition, soothe and tone the skin
❤ Moringa pterygosperma seed extract: To cleanse the skin deeply and soothe the irritated skin
❤ Rumex Occidentalis extract: To improve skin radiance and reduce pigmentation formation

❤ The milky lotion is very lightweight and absorbed quickly into the skin.
❤ Within minutes upon application, my skin feels nourished and moisturised without any stickiness or discomfort. 

❤ Sweet and rosy, I find that the scent is very feminine and luxurious.
❤ Definitely every girl's favourite scent to go for. 

What I Like: 
❤ Its ultra-moisturising benefit keeps my skin pampered all day long and
improves my dry skin condition without feeling uncomfortable at all. 

Melix Body Spa and Body Lotion are available at Melix online store:
You can also contact their Customer Service for more details:

For more information, please visit:

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