28 September, 2020

[FOOD] Deepavali Special: Flaming Koli Chicken @ The Chicken Rice Shop

Deepavali came early this year at The Chicken Rice Shop!

Think about Deepavali.... Do you enjoy the Murukku, Dhal Curry, Samosa etc?
This year's Deepavali is a little different at The Chicken Rice Shop because
they have just introduced the new festive menu - Flaming Koli!

Look at the illustration, I bet you can already tell how fiery the chicken is and
do expect your palate to be enticed by the flaming hot sensation!

The Chicken Rice Shop's Deepavali menu is available from 21 September 2020 – 15 November 2020, just perfectly right in time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming Festival of Lights, while indulging in some spicy, rich, and flavourful Indian dishes.

Inspired by the aromas of Indian cuisine, the Flaming Koli chicken is made with a touch of Indian spices blended together, hence yielding a bursting flavour of spiciness on the palate. 
With the right amount of spices when cooking Indian cuisine, the resulting taste can be extraordinary. The overall dish feels so close to home where you can feel the comfort of home-cooked food during this festive season. So, no more hassle of cooking at home - just dine in, sit back and enjoy the delicious tastes from home.

Good food is meant to be shared, so bring along your families and friends to savour and indulge together. Just like how Deepavali is celebrated with our loved ones. Personally, I can't take this level of spiciness so definitely having someone to share the dish is a bonus for me :P 

It comes with individual and group sets, which comprises of other signature items such as
the Nyonya Pai Tee, fishballs, vegetables, Penang rojak and aromatic rice. 

No doubt in The Chicken Rice Shop, the overall "chicken rice" experience is always so good. Whether you have adventurous taste buds to try the Flaming Koli or you prefer something more subtle and traditional, TCRS has gotten you covered. 

They even have special weekday lunch deals which make every penny worth.

With over 100 restaurants in Malaysia and abroad,
visit The Chicken Rice Shop nearest to you now and enjoy the Flaming Koli experience!

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