25 November, 2020

Taiwan Expo 2020 in Malaysia Online @ 25-27 November 2020

Taiwan Expo is back in Malaysia!

Since the last installment in Penang in 2019, we are happy that this year Taiwan Expo is going online from 25 November - 27 November 2020. No worries about any travel restrictions, because you'll get to explore Taiwan Expo anywhere you want, be it at home, office or cafe etc!

This marks the 4th edition of Taiwan Expo in Malaysia, a popular trade exhibition to foster the business opportunities between Malaysia and Taiwan. During the opening ceremony, distinguished guests from Taiwan and Malaysia have been invited for a short speech via a unique virtual session. 

Dr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade,
Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)

First and foremost, Dr Lee mentioned that this Expo is a meaningful event to showcase strength and competitiveness of Taiwan's multiple industry areas in Malaysia. They have successfully invited more than 600 Taiwanese businesses to participate in this huge event. Over the upcoming 3 days, it is estimated that more than 5,500 participants will be joining the Expo to enhance the Malaysia-Taiwan business collaborations.  

Ms. Anne Hung, Representative of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia 

Ms Anne further emphasises on the importance of fostering the economic and trade exchanges between Malaysia and Taiwan, as currently there are already thousands of investors from Taiwan who expand their businesses here in Malaysia. 

In fact, in 2019, Malaysia is Taiwan's 7th largest trading partner mainly for electrical and electronic products, scientific equipment, chemical-related products etc. Surely the bilateral trade between Malaysia and Taiwan will continue to grow. 

Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong
National President of SME Association of Malaysia 

Datuk Michael shared that over 30,000 SMEs have ended their operations throughout this pandemic period in Malaysia. The current economy in Malaysia is recovering decently, mainly because Malaysians are resourceful in times of challenge and look for new business opportunities during difficult times. This is exactly the reason why we gather here today for Taiwan Expo 2020 to tap into the Taiwanese technology and innovation through this Expo.

Mr. Khairul Annuar Abdul Halim, Director of China & Northeast Asia Section,
Exports Promotion & Market Access Division, Malaysia External Trade Development
Corporation (MATRADE)

Mr Khairul Annuar, on the other hand, mentions that "Halal Taiwan", one of the 7 pillars for this year's expo, indicates Taiwan's interest in enhancing the Halal awareness in Taiwan and allows for Malaysian businesses to tap on the huge ASEAN market.  

Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, Taiwan External Trade Development Council

On the endnote, Mr James Huang gives us an overview of Taiwan Expo 200 which gives visitors a 360-degree viewing experience in 13 themed pavilions across 7 major categories. With one click, you can make video call to chat with the exhibitors and explore the business opportunities together. 

1. Taiwan Food
2. Taiwan Lifestyles
3. Health Care & Beauty
4. Gadgets & Green Tech
5. Industry 4.0
6. Taiwan Tourism
7. Halal Taiwan

Dr. Suo-Hang Chuang, Chairman, Taipei World Trade Center; Dr. Guann-Jyh Lee, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA; Mr. Khairul Annuar Abdul Halim, Director of China & Northeast Asia Section, Exports Promotion & Market Access Division, MATRADE; Mr. James C. F. Huang, Chairman, TAITRA; Ms. Anne Hung, Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia; Ms. Sharon Ho Swee Peng, President, Malaysian Friendship and Trade Centre, Taipei; Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong, National President, SME Association of Malaysia

The opening ceremony ends with a group photo among the distinguished guests from Taiwan and Malaysia with the butterfly hand gesture to symbolise Taiwan. Following that, the VIPs proceeded with a virtual handshake to signal the building of strong ties and cooperation between both countries.

Here are some of the key highlight events during this 3-day expo.

It's okay if you miss the opening ceremony. There are plenty of activities to be conducted across this 3-day Expo. Featuring 3D virtual reality (VR) exhibition, insightful online seminars, and exclusive one-on-one e-business matching sessions with 200 Taiwanese exhibitors, now everyone can explore endless business opportunities at Taiwan Expo from the comfort of your home/office!

Visit https://taiwanexpo.online/ to participate in Taiwan Expo 2020 in Malaysia!

Looking forward to having the Taiwan Expo 2021 physically in Malaysia again!
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