22 June, 2021

7 Secrets to Make Your Listing Photos Noticeable

Are you the millennial real estate agent who’s more into online marketing rather than using the traditional methods?

If yes, then you are pretty much sure that you need to hire the best real estate photographer to get compelling real estate images.

However, aside from having an expert photographer, you must also know some insider secrets that will help you make your real estate listing photos stand out online.

Once you learn these secrets, expect your listings to gain more online visibility.

Are you ready? Let us dig in.

Tour your own house like a buyer
If you are listing a home, you can choose whether to use videos or images as supplementary information for your listing.

However, before deciding, it is best to condition yourself as if you are touring the prospected buyer already around your property.

Using a video will be easier because all you need to is talk.

It is best for images to put perfect descriptive captions into each picture as if you are telling a story.

Choose the best day and time to shoot
You need to consider the weather, especially if it is about taking exterior photos.

Cloudy weather is not best as it yields dull images that require more editing time.

Partly cloudy weather is somehow feasible because it will minimize shadows in your shots.

Still, the best time to do an exterior photo shoot is on a sunny day where there is an abundant source of natural lighting.

Here is a pro tip.
  • If you're shooting with a smartphone (although it is best to use a high-quality digital camera such as a DSLR), always use the high dynamic range (HDR) setting.
  • This will allow you to capture greater detail in the images without having to use additional lights.
Avoid unusual angles
In photography, angles are necessary, unless you are taking a selfie.

So, you should consider the angle and composition as complimentary photo elements.

Remember not to use any odd angles when taking the images so they won’t look weird.

Shoot from the right spot
Your goal is to show the entire room. However, it is best not to overdo it.

This means you do not need a lot of close-up photos of every corner in the room.

Instead, aim to include three walls in your image for more depth, which can be achieved by shooting from the doorway or a nook.

Let in the natural light
Again, avoid artificial lighting, if possible. Instead, open the windows and let the sunlight comes in.

It is hitting two birds with one stone - you get natural light plus a more incredible view of the property since opening windows usually add impact to images.

Clean the house
If you want to see nifty images, clean the whole house first.

Let go of the things that are not necessary for the pictures.

Think about it as being minimalist. Excess furniture and knickknacks distract your home’s features.

Hence, it would help arrange the magazine piles and keep the remote controls, framed photos, books, and stray shoes.

In the kitchen, clean off the front of your fridge while keeping the toilet lid down in the bathroom.

Clean the outside
When doing a property shoot, the interior images are not the only focus.

You also need to clean your garden and garage.

Clear away anything that detracts from your curb appeals, such as hiding the trash cans, garden hoses, and kids’ toys.

You can temporarily remove cars and bikes from the driveway for the garage, so they’re not in the photos.

This can make your garage area more noticeable than having a parked car.

So, those are the seven essential insider secrets you must know to make your listing and images stand out.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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