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21 June, 2021

How to Freshen up Your Cosmetics Kit for the Summer?

Cosmetics are directly applied to our skin and our skin reacts to the surrounding weather conditions. Therefore, it is only natural to prepare for each season with a fresh new approach. As summer is the next season to prepare for, here’s a quick guide to freshening up your cosmetics kit, without breaking the bank.

Learn How to Save On Cosmetics for the Summer

Before we get into what must be added to your present kit to get ready for summer, it is important that we address the financial aspect of it. Good skincare products are not cheap, and most of them will spoil in just a few months’ time. So, if you wish to get the most value from your money, you will need to be a bit crafty.

First, you must learn how to save on cosmetics with beauty deals, discount coupons, special occasion discounts, launch offers, limited-time promotions, etc. Subscribe to a few reputed sites and stay informed about offers and discounts in real-time.

Next, you will need to make a rough estimate regarding how much of each item in your summer cosmetic kit will need to be refreshed this year. The prediction does not have to be too accurate, but a decent, conservative estimate should be sufficient. The approximation will serve two primary functions:

1. You can order from one place in bulk, and combined with discount coupons, this can allow for huge savings.
2. A conservative assessment will keep you from wasting money on excess cosmetic items that will spoil in a year or less.

Another effective approach to saving money on cosmetics is to always buy the smallest packs available. This will let you avoid makeup wastage completely, while also reducing the need to spend a significant amount of money at once.

Now that we have a plan to shop for cosmetics without blowing the budget, let’s get straight into the items themselves.

Sun Protection

The sun is both good and bad for the skin, and unfortunately, the cons of overexposure are far more dangerous than the pros to be worth the risk. Don’t risk early aging, skin damage, and melanoma by going out on particularly scorching days without sun protection. Apply a properly certified, SPF sunscreen (spray or cream) on your face, neck, and all the other exposed sections. Also, protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing UV-protective sunglasses and adding extra oomph to your beach attire.

Tinted Moisturizers

Order a few tinted moisturizers in your favorite shades. If you have not used any yet, you will learn to love them. Not only do they provide constant hydration to your skin when the sun is blazing down, but they will also add a very light, tinted glow to your skin. Some of them even come with SPF certification, meaning that you will not need to put on an additional layer of sunscreen on most days.

Shades of the Season

Your cosmetics kit must have a wide collection of season-special colors for your lips and nails. Summer is represented by vibrant, bright, and warm colors, so you cannot go wrong with red rouge, punchy green, or jacaranda lacquer for the nails. As for the lips, try a moisturizing lip color in bright shades of hot pink, orange-red, or the classic, cherry red.

A lot depends on how hot it actually gets around your location, as people in Alaska and Florida experience two very different types of summer after all! Surprisingly, sun protection is important for even those living on perpetual ice. In case you have a vacation coming up, don’t forget to refresh your cosmetics kit accordingly.

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