02 October, 2021

[REVIEW] Sudio T2, Your Everyday Audio Companion (with Discount Code!)

Being an avid fan of Sudio, I am elated to hear that Sudio is launching yet a brand-new redesigned earpiece - Sudio T2 - the latest generation of the best-selling Sudio Tolv model.

When it comes to audio companion, nothing beats my experience with Sudio over the past 4 years- from Sudio Tre, Ett and Nio earbuds to the Sudio Femtio speaker. The experience has been great and I am loving how each and every model of Sudio fits into my lifestyle especially in the past year where I spend most of my time working from home.

Having a good earpiece is undeniably an important aspect in my everyday life. This round, Sudio T2 is designed aesthetically beautiful and practical as the sleek new curvy design fits comfortably around the ears without causing any discomfort / fatigue over a prolonged number of hours of wearing it. The level of comfort it provides is definitely a noteworthy point about Sudio T2.

It is also suitable for any ear size from XS to L, as Sudio has tested on over 400 ears before coming up with the multiple sizes of earbuds to meet the needs of diversified consumer base.

The case is curvier than before, again, emphasising on the contemporariness that we all love. Did I forget to mention that Sudio's packaging is 100% plastic-free, hence environment-friendly?

Apart from the time-tested colors such as White and Black, Sudio T2 is also available in the two contemporary shades: Jade and Sand. The Jade color is, by far, the most popular colors among all - which I must agree - it looks so beautiful and shines on its own. I choose Sand color instead, as it is more subtle yet never lacking in terms of style.

Design and appearance aside, I am also impressed with Sudio T2's performance that has shown a great improvement such as enhanced active noise cancelling technology, upgraded quick charging capability and focused beamforming microphones.

As a result, the audio experience is better than before. And I personally enjoy the deeper and more immersive listening experience without any noise interruption from the surrounding. This is especially useful when I am commuting in the train or having my weekly jogging session at the park.

Another remarkable feature of Sudio T2 is the improved technical design that delivers crisp, clean and robust sound quality. Definitely a better listening experience as it promises as always.

Sudio T2 is now available at sudio.com, so feel free to check it out along with the different range of Sudio premium audio devices that suit your lifestyle in different ways. Let's enjoy a whole new dimension of listening experience with Sudio!

Good news! Sudio T2 Pre-Order sales are available now on www.sudio.com/my.
You can pay via GRAB PAY and PAYLATER too.

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For more information about Sudio, please visit:
Instagram: @sudio

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