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13 May, 2022

FiSh's Diary: Goodbye 1/3 of 2022!

Hello, May! Now that we have completed 1/3 of 2022, it's time for a quick recap on what I have been up to throughout the past months. When I took a read of my recap of 2021, I recalled that I was quite content with life at the beginning of 2022, after making some positive changes in the choices I made (This is exactly why I love penning down my emotions in an online diary).

Now I realise I am on this long journey of self-improvement and self-development towards becoming a better version of myself. I am not sure if I could still say the same for 2022 thus far, but let's quickly go through the path I have walked in the past 4 months...

January 2022 

New year, new challenge. Taking up a new role effective 1 January 2022 is not exactly an easy task to do. It requires a lot more mental strength training, perseverance and a shift of mindset from a "staff" to a "business owner". There may be unfairness along the way, there may be lots of dealing with difficult people etc but this is all part of learning - and I am happy to see myself growing and improving every day. I am confident that what I am going through now would allow me to experience life-changing benefits in future.

I start to appreciate the fact that every effort I put in now may not be appreciated by the stakeholders at this juncture, but such effort will definitely bear some fruits at some points in life. Believe in what you do, and keep doing it. If you don't see any self-improvement or personal development over a period of time, then do something and change for the better!

February 2022

February is rather a chillax month, thanks to the long Chinese New Year plus Valentine's Day break. It was great catching up with family, relatives and friends. But what I miss the most is our long overdue gatherings with the close knits. Hopefully we can meet sometime soon!

March 2022

I honestly couldn't remember much about March. When I checked my calendar and photo album, I realised I just spent my entire month mostly dealing with work affairs. Luckily, my weekends were well-spent on cafe hopping and taking beautiful OOTDs. 

April 2022

The international border has finally reopened but....unfortunately no I am not travelling anywhere yet. I took a really short break at Cameron Highlands despite having to monitor my work remotely there - not exactly an ideal experience for a quick getaway tho. Cameron Highlands was exactly the same since my last visit in November 2021 - hopefully I don't have to come back for at least the next 2 years.

On a side note, April was an exciting month because I get to partner with ACCA as their regional ambassador for the June 2022 ACCA Exam. The videos are up on ACCA's social media pages as well my Instagram - have you checked them out yet? Personally, I am very glad to have such rare opportunity to be able to work with ACCA, as an ACCA student-affiliate-then-member myself. 

May 2022

May 2022 continues with a great focus on work and people who really matter in life. With limited time we have every day, I become more selective with what I want to do and who should I dedicate my time to. 

In personal finance, they say track where you spend your money, and it will tell a story of what is important to you. In life matters, track your time, and it will tell a story of what matters to you. I am slowly adjusting myself to match my time spent with what I want to achieve in creating a meaningful life. 

And if someone is willing to spend time with you, it is the most precious gift he/she can give you because he/she is giving you a portion of his/her life that he/she can never get back :) Cherish them! 
❤ ❤ 

Expanding my horizon lately made me realise personal development and self-discipline are so crucial in every endeavour in life. I am happy with my current state where I get to learn new, different things from new people everyday and find my own source of motivation along the way. The only constant in life now is change - so let's change for the better! Change is a continuous process, so strive to be your best self always. Who knows if beautiful surprises may come along too? ;)


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