24 May, 2022

Review: Jungle House Bangsar Cafe - "All Things Honey"

“People who love honey are always the sweetest people.”

At Jungle House, it is always a great exploration of the world of honey. This is my first time stepping into Jungle House cafe at Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar and I am amazed by the wide array of honey and honey-related products it houses here. 

The story of Jungle House begins with Paul and Ashley's passion for honey when they embarked on an adventurous trip into the jungles of Garut in West Java, Indonesia. Along the way, they chanced upon a company of indigenous bee hunters who offered them a taste of fresh, jungle honey - so pure, organic, unadulterated, raw honey, flavoured only by the flowers that the honeybees visit for nectar and pollen. 

Hence, Jungle House is established to advocate for the protection and preservation of existing wild honeybee habitats, serve the indigenous beekeeping community as well as inculcate honey culture for daily healthy living in a natural way amongst Malaysians.

Today, Jungle House sells "All Things Honey" including raw honey, honey cakes, honey beverages (coffee, tea and fruit juices), personal care products and gift sets collections. All these natural honey products are available at their retail store, online purchases, and cafes. 

Honey is known as a natural remedy, a superfood - so rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes. Ever thought about how best to consume honey on a daily basis? Try the following:

❤ Direct consume with 1 wooden spoon stirrer 
❤ Mix 30g honey with 250ml water 
❤ Apply honey as your bread or salad topping 
❤ Replace sugar for your coffee and tea 

Jungle House offers more than 10 types of natural nectar honey with different tastes and aromas.
They are mono-floral, raw, pure, natural honey without any addition of artificial flavouring, such as:

 Royal Black - Mahoni tree
❤ Royal White - Kiawe flower nectar
❤ Jungle's Heart - Strawberry flower nectar
❤ Yellow Love - Linden flower nectar
❤ Sweettooth - Mango flower nectar
❤ Jungle's Eye - Longan flower nectar
❤ Pink Lady - Cotton flower nectar
❤ Roast Cube - Coffee flower nectar
❤ Citrus Bloom - Orange flower nectar
❤ Fruit Boss - Durian flower nectar

The most recommended ones are Royal Black and Royal White honey, which are very rare and rich in medicinal nutritions. I personally like the Royal Black highly concentrated premium wild jungle honey for its slight bitter taste. 

While you can try out the different honey flavours in store, there are plenty of gift set options available too. Definitely a perfect gift for your parents during this Parents' Day to express your love and gratitude towards them, while taking good care of their health with premium quality honey. 

Taking the appreciation for honey to the next level, the quaint-looking Jungle House Bangsar care offers a wide range of honey-infused food and beverages such as Honeymisu, Russian Honey Cakes, Croffles, Honey Coffee, Tea and Juices all paired with specific types and flavours of honey. 

Freshly Baked Honey Croffle:
Nutella Oreo | Chives Cream Cheese | Chicken Ham Cheese | Croffle with Honey

For the savoury selection, we get to sample some freshly-baked honey croffles which are so crisp at the edge and soft on the inside. Definitely a great option for brunch or afternoon snack if you are around Bangsar area. 

Russian Honey Cake: Berry, Pandan, Chocolate and Original Flavours

What not to be missed here is the signature Russian Honey Cake, a truly one-of-a-kind dessert made up of soft, thin layers of cake infused with the healthy goodness of 100% pure, organic honey. I especially enjoy the fluffy, caramelised, honey cream spread in between the cake layers. Plus, it exudes the goodness of honey as it melts in the mouth.
Matcha Garden (matcha with refreshing touch) | Berry's Heart (sweet strawberry paradise) | 
Pine Mojito (fresh pineapple with fragrant mint, lime and honey) | Melaka Love (melting pot of maximum Gula Melaka)

Jungle House's specially curated beverages are something new that is worth checking out for. Bringing us a refreshing twist to the usual fruit cooler, each of the beverages contains different types of honey in it to maintain our immune level at peak and combat the harmful environment. 

So, let's start cultivating a healthy lifestyle through honey with Jungle House!

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