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12 October, 2022

[HEALTH] Review: Wright Life Health Supplements NMN15000 & 20 Billion Probiotics

As I step into the age of 30s, I can feel my energy level deteriorating each day. I tend to get tired easily and this issue is worsened with the lack of deep sleep I have every night.

While I start to practise a healthy lifestyle such as drinking sufficient water and doing exercise, I realise the importance of complementing our life with health supplements for better overall health and wellbeing. 

Luckily I browsed through TopzMall online shopping platform and found a series of supplements from Wright Life (萊特維健), one of the leading brands for healthcare dietary supplement and Chinese medicine healthcare products, originated from Hong Kong.

Wright Life supplements have been well received by many actors and actresses, including its Hong Kong ambassador, Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍 / Ah Sa).

Wright Life also appears as an advertisement in 北京卫视 BRTV (Variety Show: 辣妈辣么美), positioned as a well-known Hong Kong supplement brand recommended by the actress in the show. 

Feel free to watch how Wright Life changes my life!

Wright Life NMN15000 (60 capsules per bottle)
(Direct link:

One of the must-try products by Wright Life is the NMN15000 for anti-aging benefits. This is an upgraded version of Wright Life’s star product, NMN10000 which yields a better NMN (also known as β-nicotinamide mononucleotide) results.

Every capsule of NMN10000 contains 250mg NMN, equivalent to the NMN content of 40-280kg of beef, whereas NMN15000 is enhanced with 99.89% purity, due to a more stringent production process and high quality control standards and requirements.

How does NMN help our body?

NMN is the precursor of the NAD+ that plays the role as cofactor for the longevity protein (Sirtuins) in the human body. NAD+ is an important raw material for repairing the cellular system, as well as a key communication factor between the nucleus and the mitochondria which is responsible for energy synthesis. 

Overall, NMN is proved to be effective in anti-aging, as recognized by the scientific community from Harvard University, Keio University and University of Washington. 

How is NAD+ formed?

1. When NMN is being absorbed by the cells, NAD+ will be formed. 
2. Two NMN molecules will combine together to form a NAD+ molecule.
3. After NAD+ enters cells, it helps humans repair damaged DNA and delay aging. 

 Repair DNA
 Rejuvenate body functions
 Improve sleep
 Care for liver

NMN, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate
Recommended intake: 2 capsules, once daily with meal or 30 minutes after meal

Based on my personal experience, the NMN15000 helps me to recalibrate my body and improve the quality of my sleep. I now feel well-rested after a good night's sleep, and I start to rely less on caffeine too. Of course, it is recommended to have at least 3 months continuous intake of the supplement, for a more optimal result.

Wright Life 20 Billion Probiotics (成人益生菌200亿) (60 capsules per bottle)
(Direct link:

Apart from NMN15000, I also add the Wright Life 20 Billion Probiotics into my diet because of my poor digestive condition. If you have any of the following conditions, the probiotics would suit you too:

● People who with uncontrolled diet
● People who drink alcohol for frequent social activities
● Workaholic
● Pregnant and lactating women
● Sedentary lifestyle and obesity
● People who get irritated by cold food easily

Ingredients: 17 Patented Probiotics, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS), Magnesium Stearate
Recommended intake: 2 capsules, once daily with meal or 30 minutes after meal

Edible tips:
* Probiotics are easily affected in humid air. Please take it as soon as possible after opening.
*Recommended to take at least 1 session (3 bottles per 1 session), long term usage can enhance the effect.
How does Probiotics Help?
The 17 Patented Probiotics contain 20 billion probiotics of different types in every serving to achieve synergy effect, balance the intestinal microflora and reduce inflammation. 

Whereas the FOS is a natural active substance, which can significantly promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and the ability of nutrient absorption, enhance the active concentration of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, and reduce the growth of harmful bacteria.

Why choose Wright Life 20 Billion Probiotics?

I have seen so many types of probiotics products in the marketplace, but Wright Life is amongst the few that has a very high 60 billion live probiotics count that works wonder in the gut. Plus, the added FOS as prebiotics coupled with patented technology, can effectively increase the probiotics in the gut. 
Having said that, it is important to maintain a continuous consumption of probiotics to achieve better gut health in a long run. It is recommended to take at least 1 session (3 bottles per 1 session) and beyond.
 Supports regular bowel function
 Improve digestive health
 Increases microbial diversity
 Supports nutrient absorption
 Supports immune function

How does Wright Life 20 Billion Probiotics work?
1. During the initial phase, it helps reduce constipation, diarrhoea and bloating. 
2. During the second phase, digestion and nutrients absorption will improve, while accumulated toxic and waste decrease. 
3. During the last phase, the overall immune system and microflora in the gut improve tremendously, plus it helps for effective weight management too. 

Overall, it helps with boosting my immunity and regulating the whole digestive system very well. Goodbye to constipation issue and hello to a healthier me! 

Let's have a healthy lifestyle together with the health supplement,
for the best of our health in a long run!  

You can shop for Wright Life products at TopzMall Official Platforms.
Don't forget to use promo code TP10VKB for RM10 discount with no min spend required!

Instagram: @TopzMall

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