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05 December, 2022

[Online Shopping] Fall/Winter Fashion Haul from RIHOAS

Do you remember my previous fashion wishlist after browsing through RIHOAS, the popular European-style fashion platform? I am so excited to share with you guys this round about my fashion haul from them specially for this fall / winter season. 

It is a season for warm, cosy clothing and also time to dress up for thanksgiving parties!
So, let’s see what I’ve gotten…

The Lapel Single-breasted Suede Jacket (Khaki / Size S) 
(Direct link: HERE)

Yay! Finally got my hands on the favourite piece of suede jacket in a classic khaki tone with lovely lace details on the collar and sleeves. This casual jacket is just so sweet-looking and perfect for travelling during the fall season. 

The quality is amazing and I love the delicate suede texture that feels so comfortable on the body. However, in terms of the fit, it may come a little loose to my liking, but nevertheless it fits well if I wear a knitted sweater in it. 

I love how the button-up details are intricately done too.
Now I kinda regretted for not getting the complementing suede skirt to complete the set.

The Wave Textured Pearl Strap Midi Dress (Pink / Size S)
(Direct link: HERE)

For my year-end dinner party, I have picked this piece of wave-textured dress in pink and it turns out to be unexpectedly simple yet elegant! I love the little details on the pearl strap that accentuates the femininity in every girl. 

The fit, again, is rather loose for me although I usually wear a S size. Nevertheless, it is still a dinner-perfect piece that allows others' attention on you :P 

Overall, it is a pleasant experience shopping with RIHOAS and
I would definitely be looking forward to more shopping spree with RIHOAS soon. 

Hope you enjoy your retail shopping and get your fashion inspiration from RIHOAS too!

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