28 February, 2023

Dear Diary | February 2023 Edition

Hello, February! ❤ I am back with my monthly update and feel free to read here if you missed the January 2023 diary. Despite being a short month, February never lacks of happy and exciting moments which I really want to pen it down here.

CNY House Party 

3 February || February kickstarted with the CNY celebration with the team. Good to have such casual and fun-filled session with the team. And I am looking forward to our first overseas trip together in a couple of months time!

Bivalent Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty vaccine - checked!

6 February || Done and dusted with my Pfizer bivalent booster shot, because it was really time to get my 4th dose after recovering from Covid in July 2022 and my last booster was in January 2022. This round's vaccination did not give me any side effects at all (which I am glad), except for minor arm sore which went away after a couple of days. After this, I can't wait to kickstart my travel plans for the year!

Johor Bahru Century-old Chingay Festival 2023 (柔佛古庙众神出游) 

11 February || It was the "big day" of JB-ians where the deities of the five main dialect clans – Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainan, Hakka and Teochew – were brought out of the Johor Ancient Temple for the main procession during the 19th to 22nd day of CNY. Happy to be able to make it there and witnessed such massive possession from 9pm till midnight. It was indeed an eye-opening experience! 

Cafe hopping continues... @ The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen

Also took this opportunity to revisit my favourite cafe in town, and had their good ol' Chicken Confit again after so many years. The surprise find of the day was probably the famous JB fried oyster at Meldrum Walk - which is usually only available upon reservation but we managed to have two piping hot plates of this juicy fried oyster on the spot!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

14 February  || Totally did not expect that this year's Valentine's Day would turn out to be such a sweet surprise. Thanks for always putting in 120% effort to make sure I am well taken care of, pampered and loved. While the everyday effort and dedication seems to be a constant, I always count the blessings in my life. Never take them for granted :)

I always remind myself that love is a choice we make every day. To choose to communicate, to trust, and to show affection over and over again is a long-term commitment to uphold, be it shine or rain. And always remember to love them for who they truly are, not what they do for you :)

Weekend cafe hopping in town.

18-19 February  || The Valentine's weekend continued with lots of pampering on the tummy lol. My favourites were the tonkatsu dinner at Tonkichi, Shaw House, and the Burnt Rum & Raisin Cheesecake at PS Cafe, Palais Renaissance. While the food was memorable, it was the companion that completed the wonderful experience 

:) Love is being with you anywhere.

Sweet peach marble manicure by Enchanted Siblings.

26 February || Came home for the weekend to get my braces and nails fixed. Travelling has been tiring but nothing beats the feeling of being home and being showered with love by the family. Thank you for treating me like a princess at home! 

❤ ❤ 

All in all, February has been a really sweet and fulfilling month. And I am enjoying the kind of private life I have lately - because the lesser influence and judgments from others there are, the sweeter it is.

Looking forward to my travel episode in March and more!

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