31 May, 2023

Dear Diary | May 2023 Edition

Hello, lovely month of May! 

May kickstarted as a fun and exciting month, but towards the mid month I started to feel the amount of stress bottling up. Nevertheless I am glad that the storm did not last and it was the rough time that allowed me to appreciate the people around me who shower me with unconditional love be it rain or shine. 

01.05.2023 | Happy Labour Day! It was a soul-healing yoga and food hunting day. My 1-hour Yin Stretch Yoga session at Yoga+ Studio, Chinatown really helped to train my patience and control towards breathing rhythm. With the aid of blocks and bolsters, the stretching poses were made easier and more stress-relieving for the muscles.

Rewarded myself with Peanut Butter Mian Jiang Kuih from Granny's Pancake and Ma Bo Lor Mee at Hong Lim Food Centre - both are super popular items there and do expect long queue... Worth a try!

03.05.2023 | Weekday fun times! First time going for a 90-minute Hot Bikram Yoga class at 2Be.Yoga after work - it is a 26-postures hot yoga in a heated studio of 40 - 42°C, replicating the warm and humid setting in India. I have not sweated so much for a long, long time!

I love how it helps build my mental strength (I am still learning to clear my mind and focus on the yoga movements), relieve stress and discipline myself to immerse into the flow. The yoga instructor mentioned that it is good to practise this at least 2-3 times a week - hopefully I can do that too! 

05.05.2023 - 07.05.2023 | May continued with an exciting trip to Bangkok - it is my first ever overseas trip with the team! The last group trip I had in my career was to Kuching in 2019, and then Covid hit... So happy to be able to travel again, make new friends and have fun together as a big family. 

Click HERE for my quick 3D2N Bangkok itinerary! 

13.05.2023 - 14.05.2023 | Back to the Lion City and spending a lazy weekend to do some touristy activities including visiting the famous Fort Canning Tree Tunnel. Truth to be told, it has been a while since I last had such peaceful and relaxing weekend - by just strolling around town, enjoying great food and endless streams of conversations with people who matter. Now it makes me miss such precious moments a lot :) 

Hana Hana (華花) @ Tanjong Pagar

Having one of the most memorable Friday date nights here at Hana Hana for some authentic Japanese treats by the foreign chef. Sitting around the chef's table, and being served with the complimentary appetizers and soup, literally transported my soul back to Japan. The showstoppers of the day were the generously-portioned Ikura Kaisen Don and Grilled Unagi. Will definitely be back for more! 

Lola's @ Holland Village

20.05.2023 | Happy 520! ❤ Spending this special day with childhood friends over brunch was simply lovely. It is my first time visiting the popular Lola's and the Miso Salmon Quinoa Bowl with Hanjuku Egg is my favourite here! 

The Apricus Coffee & Food Co. @ Sengkang

21.05.2023 | Sun-date ❤ Visiting the sister cafe of The Populus, Neil Road this round, because of the fond memories we had earlier in the other outlet. The menu is pretty similar, but I prefer the bright, light-hearted ambiance here. Perfect for a lazy Sunday :)

27.05.2023 - 28.05.2023 | Homebound. Took a Saturday morning flight and made it home for celebratory lunch with family and meeting up with few close friends - the most precious thing to do during every trip home. The feeling of returning to the safe harbour always brings me mixed emotions - it's joy, it's gratitude, but it's also melancholic and it's unexplainable. All in all, it's always good to be home :)


I must admit that May has not been an easy month after all. However, I know that tough times never last, but tough people do. While it is not a smooth-sailing journey in face of different set of challenges, it also means stepping out of my comfort zone everyday and being resilient towards the changes in life.

It is important to remind myself constantly to enjoy the everyday moments, no matter how small they may seem. Life really can change so quickly when I looked at myself in May 2022 vs May 2023. We only really have now and the future is unknown. One year from now, everything in life may look very different - the people, dreams and goals will have evolved. But the little moments, they will still be there. Both in present or in memory. 

Enjoying the little things allows a constant in your life. It allows beautiful moments to stay with you, no matter what is happening all around you :) And I am also learning to see the glass half full - focus on the good things and practise gratitude - because there is always light if only we are brave enough to see it. Jiayous! 

FiSh @ 31 May 2023

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