16 August, 2023

Post Summer Tips to Heal Damaged Hair

Summer is a great time of the year, filled with fun and adventure. But it can also be incredibly damaging to our skin and our hair. If you’ve spent a lot of time out in the sunshine, in swimming pools, on the beach and in the sea, or if you’ve been styling your hair for days out and tying it up when it’s too hot to wear loose, you might be left with incredibly dry ends, breakages, and brittle strands. There are things that you can do to protect your hair during the summer (like rinsing before swimming), but if it’s too late for that, you need to learn more about healing and repairing the damage. Here are some tips to help your hair return to its former glory.

Book a Trim

The first thing that you need to do is head to a Bristol salon for a trim. If your ends are split, dry, frizzy or otherwise damaged, booking an appointment and getting a trim at a Bristol hairdressers is the best way to keep your style and protect the rest of your hair.

If the ends feel very dry to the touch, they dry very crunchy or hard after washing, they break as soon as you try to brush to stretch them, or the individual strands look dry or frizzy, there’s probably not much that you can do to repair them. Getting a good trim at a hair salon in Bristol will at least stop the damage from spreading and help your hair to look neat and tidy. If you aren’t sure how much needs to be taken off, speak to a stylist at a hairdressers in Bristol for further advice at your consultation.

Invest in a Deep Conditioning Treatment

Your Bristol hairdressers can also offer a deep conditioning treatment to help hydrate your hair. This will keep it smooth and shiny and even help to strengthen it. After your appointment, invest in a home deep conditioner to use once a week.

Avoid Heat

Heat is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. While your hair is recovering, try to avoid heat styling and even blow drying as much as possible.

Use Protection

If you use a hairdryer, apply a gentle heat protection spray first and use the lowest heat setting possible.

Massage Your Scalp

The sun might also damage your scalp, which can slow growth and hair loss and lead to root damage. When you wash your hair, take the time to massage your scalp, as this will boost circulation and promote healing and healthy growth.

Drink More Water

Hydration is crucial to recovery. As well as treating your hair, ensure you drink lots of water to boost hydration. This will also help your skin to recover and stay soft.

Avoid Colour – Or Go Darker

Colouring our hair is very popular, and while dyes are much kinder than they used to be, they still cause damage, especially if you are going lighter and striping your natural colour. Avoid dying for a few months, and if you need to, choose a shade darker than your natural colour to avoid striping.

Wear Your Hair Loose

Tying your hair up causes breakages and damage. Wear it loose, when possible, to give it time to heal.

After summer, it’s normal for your hair to feel dry and damaged. With protection, hydration, and kindness, you can heal and restore some damage, but often you’ll need a trim to remove the dead, dry ends, allowing your hair to grow strong and healthy.

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