31 October, 2023

Dear Diary | October 2023 Edition

Dear October, 

Hi, October. ❤ Here we are in the last quarter of the year. It is also the month that marks my one-year journey here in Singapore. And I am glad that I get to continue spending personal time doing my things I enjoy, despite entering into the peak season at work.

Favourite Cereal-Crusted French Toast & Chilli Crab Pasta in town!

01.10.2023 | Sunday brunch date @ Surrey Hill Grocers, ION Orchard. | Happy to finally be able to try out one of the best French toasts in town! This Australian-brunch café does not disappoint at all - will definitely be back for more. 

Totally my kind of vibes!

07.10.2023 | Here's another foodie weekend adventure and we are at Madu Bakery for the famous cereal prawn croissant -- so good! Just skip the drink and enjoy the fresh bakes here :) 

Favourite Bara Chirashi @ Age Ya (楊屋), Far East Plaza

Another highlight of the weekend... I am so happy to have found a hidden gem serving top notch Japanese cuisine. And it probably serves the prettiest Hana Bara Don in town! Beautifully presented in two-tier wooden boxes, it is composed of a medley of fresh ingredients, added with edible flowers, creating a lovely contrast in textures and flavours. Highly recommended!

Kohaku Sabo (琥珀茶房), Chinatown Point

08.10.2023 | My love for Japanese cuisine continues with a trip down to Chinatown for the Tokyo's highly raved Carbonara Udon. So happy to be able to have it in Singapore because the restaurant queue in Japan is just insanely long. Here we get to have the best Houjicha Latte and Matcha Latte too - plus, they are served in super huge Japanese ceramic mugs. 

Classics like Kohaku Tendon bowls are great here - the tempura is delightfully crispy yet not greasy. The Sweet Potato Creme Brulee dessert is something new to me, but the golden caramelised bruleed crust is a tad overwhelming. 

MacRitchie Nature Trail

15.10.2023 | Sunday morning at MacRitchie Treetop Walk. | Can't believe it's been half a year since I last came here for a morning hike. It is still my kind of happy place that I don't mind sweating it out in the morning for the calming reservoir view. 

EY Fiesta 2023

20.10.2023 | We were at the inaugural Fiesta at Singapore National Stadium, and it was a blast! Happy to be surrounded with amazing fun people who can party hard and enjoy such a great evening together. 

Brunch at French Fold, Palais Renaissance

21.10.2023 | Back to a sweet weekend date . Lovin' the wholesome "breakfast galette" here, composed of ham, suny side up, sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese and baked beans. 

24.10.2023 | Drone lightshow at Marina Bay Sands. It was a calming evening to sit by the pier, watching the 15-minute drone lightshow upon sunset. Albeit short, it was one of the happy little simple things that brightened up the day. 

Cafe hopping at Keijometo @ Johor Bahru

28.10.2023 | Finally a long-awaited day trip to JB! ❤ Been super excited to visit this popular industrial-themed café in town which reminiscents of an art gallery. The food here is mainly Japanese inspired, and I'd personally recommend the Salmon Ochazuke (so good!!), Tamago Mentaiyaki and Hojicha Latte.

Cravings fixed! Not forgetting to mention the JB Fried Oyster along Meldrum Walk,
and Oriental Kopi's egg tarts!

30.10.2023 | Happy one-year anniversary in Singapore. It is exactly one year since I moved here. And before writing this, I have read through my monthly diary for the past one year which reminded me of different emotions I had at different points of time.

I noticed how happy I was in the past 12 months with many beautiful memories collected along the way. But deep in my heart, I know I need to learn to pause and enjoy the process more...to focus on being happy.....to be more appreciative of the blessings thus far.....

❤ ❤ 

FiSh @ 31.10.2023

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