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04 February, 2024

[Food Review] 居酒屋 旬 Izakaya Shun @ Cuppage Plaza, Singapore

Japanese Izakaya experience in Omakase style 

We are here in Izakaya Shun (居酒屋 旬) to sample something fresh and different - an omakase menu under a Japanese Izakaya setting. 

Izakaya Shun is the sister restaurant of 5-time Michelin Plate awardee between 2018-2023, Kappo Shunsui. Led by Chef Takamasa Suzuki, Izakaya Shun brings forth an eccentric Japanese Izakaya experience through free-flow of a fine selection of alcohol being served alongside an ever-changing Omakase menu of Japan’s seasonal best sourced from Toyosu Market in Tokyo. 

The overall concept is more casual than the usual fine dining style omakase, so diners can enjoy the food at ease without compromising on the fine food quality.  

Omakase Course + Free-flow Alcohol @ ONLY $99+ 

Izakaya Shun is currently offering the Omakase menu + free-flow alcohol at a promotional price of $99 (U.P. $129++) for a limited time only! Izakaya Shun offers an extensive selection of alcohol from renowned distilleries directly from Japan such as beer, shochu, whiskey, wine and sake.

We have so many servings of shochu and hot sake throughout the evening!

There are 2 slots available each day (except Monday) - 6pm or 8.15pm - so you can truly immerse yourselves into an exquisite gastronomic journey for a full 2 hours.
Shun Omakase Course
Let's experience through a 7-course Omakase meal that is both delicious and texturally exciting. 

The Omakase menu being offered during our visit comprises of an array of exquisite and top-quality delicacies such as the Overflowing Ikura Rice (a signature of sister restaurant, Kyuu by Shunsui, created by Chef Takamasa Suzuki), Daily Omakase Assorted Sashimi, as well as an extensive menu of grilled, fried and steamed dishes.

6 kinds of assorted appetizer (Fresh Oyster, Grilled Edamame,
Crab Shell Potato Salad, Deep Fried Fish, Seasoned Tofu and Monkfish Liver)

Served for two, the appetizer came in a colorful platter comprising a myriad of flavours and textures which serves great as a palate opener. 

My favourite of the appetizer platter is the Crab Shell Potato Salad -
so creamy and goes pretty well with the fish roe topping.

Steamed Dish
Chawanmushi with 5 kinds of Mushroom Sauce

The steamed egg custard here tastes similar to the one I had in Sushi Kyuu by Shunsui. The flavour is well enhanced by the braised fresh seaweed, lending a strong hint of umami taste to it. Delicious!

Sashimi Dish
Assorted Sashimi and Sushi

To complete our Japanese dining experience, how can one miss the sashimi and sushi platter? The seasonal seafood is served based on availability and during our visit, we have some of the staples such as salmon, scallop, tuna, octopus and inari sushi with ebiko.

Deep-fried Dish
Deep-fried Sweet and Sour Chicken with Wasabi Tartare Sauce

Next up is the chicken nanban which surprises us with a pleasantly crisp exterior and juicy meat inside. Unlike the traditional tartare sauce, the chef spices it up with a hint of wasabi, bringing a natural heat to the delicious sauce.  

Grilled Dish
Teppanyaki Pork with Special Onion Sauce

The star of the evening goes to the teppanyaki dish - which initially uses Japanese steak, but we have it swapped with pork as we don't take beef. Served sizzling hot on a bed of cabbage, the sliced pork is so tender and rich in flavour, well complemented by the fried garlic and scallion. 

Rice Dish
Overflowing Ikura Rice

Lastly, here comes the signature of its sister restaurant, Kyuu by Shunsui, created by Chef Takamasa Suzuki - the Overflowing Ikura Rice. The chef even fills the mini pot of rice with golden ikura right in front of the diners!

Yuzu Sorbet

No meal is complete without a sweet finale. I like how the Yuzu Sorbet actually has bits of yuzu peels in it, while the sour taste is balanced by a hint of sweetness. Don't mind having another scoop of this refreshing goodness! 

Overall, the Izakaya Shun offers a pretty value-for-meal course for diners who appreciate alcohol a lot.  The free flow alcohol, coupled with great food, is something not to be missed. A great venue for group celebrations too.

居酒屋 旬 Izakaya Shun
5 Koek Road,
#04-04 Cuppage Plaza, 
Singapore 228796.

Whatsapp: +6582451798

Business Hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays: 5:30pm till late

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