25 May, 2007

PhOtOgRaPhY sEssiOn

We had our photography session on the 23rd and 24th May 2007. As one of the photography club member, I was there to help them out to arrange the students, chairs and so on. It was tiring but fun, coz’ I got to know more people and work with them together there. All class students, clubs and societies members came down to take pictures. The way they pose was totally crazy during the ‘free-pose’ session =.=” [including me..LoLz] Unimaginably, I took 9 pictures!!~~~ 1st, class photo [3G photo with ‘Double A’]. 2nd, Librarian Board [LiB rOx]. 3rd, Kelab Landskap [pura-pura jadi ahli kerana ahli tidak cukup]. 4th, Computer Club [joined them blindly too coz’ not enough member]. 5th, Science and Mathematics Club. 6th PBSM. 7th, Bendahara [Yellow is the best >.<] 8th, Photography Club. And the last one is a candid photo of photography club members. I can’t imagine how would I look in the 2007 school magazine =.=” And I wonder how much would I spend just to buy all the photos with my face in it. Owh…maybe 30 bucks or 40 bucks? T_T pk liaoz…>.<

Kaka…anyway it was an interesting experience, as it was the first time I joined this photography session. I will be looking forward to it next year too ^.^v
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