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11 February, 2008

02 11 2008

It’s already the fifth day of CNY. And finally I have a whole day to rest and relax at home. *sigh* feel like it had been days I haven’t been home, because everyday I went out early and back almost at night, then out again for dinner, then came home and played cards and slept. Today, I can finally have my own sweet time to face the computer for blogging [yeapz!! That became my fave^^]

{1st dae}Nothing special happened. Every year, on this very same day, I would go to my uncle’s house with my family at Klang after visiting the temples early in the morning. And this year we visited his new penthouse [he shifted not long ago], and it’s a nice thing except for the hot weather there.

{2nd dae} Went back to my hometown early in the morning again. Ate the same breakfast --- wantan mee at hometown again. Coincidentally, I met Yenki near the market, finally I knew that she had the same hometown as mine. Soon we went to the only and one temple there, then straight back to the house. After waiting for 3 hours, finally everyone arrived and chit chatted around. 16 people cramped in the house, wow feeling so ‘warm’ =.=|| Met my 表哥s, my first reaction was “wah why so leng zai liao de..” >.< after having lunch, everyone went back to the house and continued chatting. As usual, cousins would never chat with cousins, because we barely know each other. Plus most of them spoke Chinese and Hakka, but me..*sigh* only know Cantonese lerh T_T.

{3rd dae} Went to Times Square with Kritz, Fungsoon, Yonghan and Keiyan [where are the others?ffk lorh =.=||. We took LRT to hubby’s house, [p/s: long time no see, your skin is getting whiter than me soon!!] After visiting aunties in his house, we went to Times Square. Considered early to reach there, we bought the movie tickets of CJ7 and Kungfu Dunk. Bought a present for someone’s birthday, and it indeed costed me a lot. Aiks, too bad larh, who say me to have such close friend lerh.. At the same shop, Keiyan and I tried a ‘couple’ clothes [LOL so-called couple larh, since it came in the same design but different color], and snapped photos ‘there’ [Guess where? Fitting room larh of course >.<] And we made the guys waited for us so long that they complained after that, even on the next day. We just simply told them that we took naked photos inside xD xD, just not to allow them to see the pictures. CJ7 and Kungfu Dunk were both nice =D, rating: 4/5. Loveeee jayyychouuuu and 长江一号 [soooo cute!!!]

{4th dae} The happiest day of all. Went to 拜年 at friends’ house. Our first destination was Fungsoon’s house. Nothing much changed in his house after a year =X. And we getta snapped photo with his mum [LOL 她不会介意的]. Next, we went to Yonghan’s house before Derek’s one. So Derek invited many people to his house including me, Keiyan, Yanhui, Yonghan, Fungsoon, Choongwei, Kuanhaur, Weihsiang, Jiameng, Jianhong, Justinkan and his bro, and not to forget my beloved ex-tuitionmate, Stefanie. Missed her so much, I think it had been a year I didn’t meet her until yesterday^^. And meeting this guy from MBS was great too. In his luxurious house xD, we played cards and mahjong. !!! I finally learnt how to play mahjong [abit larh, not pro yet =X =X]. Then we ate Pizza, and snapped photos. Despite Hsiang won a lot from us, he has had to cheng us eat cendol =X =X. After eating, we went to Soonyuen’s and Jianhong’s house. On the way, I met Yenki [again LOL] and my beloved Standard 1 bestie, Amy!!! We hugged and chatted awhile [paiseh larh, others were waiting for me to continue walking to Soonyuen’s house]. But too bad, we didn’t snap photos T_T. Sad.. Meeting two great pianist in a day is really nice =D. Soonyuen’s and Sweeyeng darling’s piano skills are really geng^^LOL. Finally, we reached Khengyang’s house that was our final destination xD. There was nothing much to do in his house besides seeing his old photographs and mapling. Reached home at 6 something, then went out again for dinner and visiting relatives.

{5th dae} Todae? Hahaz staying at home online the whole day =D. Someone had asked me out to watch movie with him, and he kept dropping hints to give us a chance to start a relationship. I knew he is someone who falls in love easily whenever girls get close with him. I knew what would happen between us if we were really couple. I could only be his best friend always, sorry. I knew I still could not forgive and forget the old ‘him’. I knew he already had someone with him and planned for his Val dae, but I just couldn’t let go of him. At least not too soon.

{{still forgiving and forgetting}} 3.38pm

" 你说过牵了手就算约定
那爱情错的很透明 "
I think this is correct gua..just to let you understand…

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