30 March, 2008

03 30 08~ 错爱~

Nicholas 张栋梁 From Now On 大马演唱会

We reached at 7.10pm =.= there were crowds outside the stadium and I saw a lot of MyFM DJs. Walking past them, I saw the sale of 栋梁’s concert T-shirt, wishing to buy but it was costly. So, we went into the stadium without buying a single thing and found our places there. Sit, sit, sit and wait, wait, wait~ ;D Finally it started at 8.15pm, with the new song 新歌试唱。First time seeing him with his dance, hahaz it’s really impressing coz’ I really don’t know that he could actually dance =X. Bet he had practiced lots with his dance. He sang all his new songs, 寂寞那么多 and 错爱 also, then with the 王子 look, he sang an English song. The crowd was so impressed that the atmosphere was filled with screams. His guest was Fish 梁静如,singing a duet English song with him, and singing 崇拜 (solo). Her appearance was erm…as usual lerh, that’s why 栋梁 called her 静如姐~. Besides that, he also sang some of his songs that had been remixed. Malay, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and English lyrics were added into various songs. And there were lyrics on the screen when he sang old songs of his =\. When he sang 付出,his tears flew onto the cheeks, maybe too 感动 gua, but usually artists were like that de =X =X. Anyway throughout the whole night, he was laughing and saying some jokes. He was not the old him anymore, hahaz, last time he looked more innocent >.< The concert finally ended at 10.15pm, with 只因为你, then encored till 10.30pm with 当你孤单你会想起谁. How I'd wish to have 张栋梁's 正版专辑~

{{{ 我真的以为爱给双倍
告诉我。。 爱怎能这样的分配 }}}

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